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In both business and politics, a common, crucial concern is employee and patron safety. We understand that both accidents and emergencies happen, so we want you to be as prepared as possible.

 Protecting your office or government building takes two different approaches:

Emergency Injury and Bleed Control Kits

With many people who either work or visit your building, accidents are likely to happen. Someone could fall down the stairs, injure themselves while using office equipment, or anything in between. Preparation helps you react accordingly and timely in extreme circumstances.

First Aid Supplies

When building your emergency office safety supplies, start with first aid. As a result, your building will have the essential life-saving equipment to treat injured victims immediately while waiting for medical authorities to arrive.

 While we offer many effective and trustworthy kits available, we recommend our SRO Crisis Response Kit to best serve a large office or government building. Designed to provide you with the necessary medical products, this kit treats multiple injuries from penetrating trauma to severe bleeding.

Bleed Control Kits

While building the emergency kit for your government or office building, it’s important to include bleed control equipment with your safety supplies. Stopping life threatening bleeding makes all the difference in emergencies.

 We offer 3 different kinds of high-quality tourniquets to help stop the bleed. All are easy to operate under stressful conditions so that the injured person can be helped immediately. We proudly offer these multiple bleed control options as stand-alone tourniquets or in Bleed Control Kits to best service your needs.

 When a traumatic event occurs, seconds matter. That’s why we highly recommend having durable and effective tourniquets available in your bleeding kit such as our SOF® or CAT tourniquets. In the event of an emergency, tourniquets are easy to operate under stressful conditions. As a result, you can immediately help the person in need while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

Barricades and Lockdown Shades

Door barricades and locks aren’t just safety equipment for schools and banks. In the event of an onsite shooting or robbery, it’s paramount for any industry to protect as many people possible. Powerful preventative measures are a great way to protect individuals.


As a result, we highly recommend the Safebolt Barricade Lock. Safebolt is code compliant, east-to-install, and reliable. The lock activates with the press of a button and is designed for simplicity, speed, and effective safety.

With such a simple activation method, building managers and security guards alike can deploy the lock instantaneously. Then, the focus is transferred to sheltering or evacuating employees and patrons.

 Lockdown Shades

Office and government lockdown emergencies are never welcomed but must be anticipated. In the event of an on-site shooter, advises “Your hiding place should be out of the shooter’s view and provide protection if shots are fired in your direction.” Close and lock the door, quickly barricade the door, and obstruct the intruder’s view.

 Installing our Lockdown Shades provides a simple solution by concealing staff and patrons from the threat of danger. It takes only seconds for the safety shade to drop into place to completely cover the window. With this simple yet effective product, it could make all the difference in saving lives.

 Your safety is our priority. At School Safety Solution, we do all we can to test and ensure every product is ready to protect you and those in your care at a moment’s notice.

 Take a moment to read our client testimonials and see for yourself how effective our products are.

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