50 Person First Aid Kit


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This comprehensive first aid kit was designed to meet the needs of 50 people. It is packaged in a white metal case. It is perfect for indoor or outdoor storage. The durable case will protect its contents under demanding conditions.

This kit contains the following: 50-Adhesive bandages (1? x 3?), 30-Adhesive bandages (3? x ??), 20-Adhesive bandages (1 ?? x 3/8?), 3-Knuckle bandages, 3-Fingertip bandages, 3-Butterfly closures, 2-Rolls medical tape, 2-Triangular bandages w/ safety pins, 1-Trauma pad (5? x 9?), 1-Eye pad, 4-Gauze pads (4? x 4?), 4-Gauze pads (3? x 3?), 4-Gauze pads (2? x 2?), 1-Roll gauze (2?), 1-Roll gauze (4?), 4-Examination gloves, 1-Instant cold pack, 1-Tweezers, 10-Burn creams, 10-Sting relief pads, 30-Alcohol pads, 20-Antiseptic towelettes, 1-Case, 1-First aid guide, 4-Finger splints / Tongue depressors, 20-Cotton tip applicators, 1-Filtration mask, 1-Eye wash

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Weight 112 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 in