Right, TeacherLock, Standard Door Kit


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This classroom door lock is designed to be installed on existing classroom doors. Fast and effective deployment, cost effective, and easy to install on any door. Deploys a durable bolting mechanism within seconds under duress using an easy to orientate activator without having to bend over or kneel down to floor level. Only individuals with the activator can trigger the classroom door lock, providing a ?bullyproof? lockdown system. Accessible from the outside for emergency personnel.

This lock does comply with the International Fire Safety Code, International Building Code, National Fire Protection Association 101 provisions on safety, and the American with Disabilities Act regulations (Interpretation of building and fire code varies widely and is subject to the Authority Having Jurisdiction)

Contains: 1-TeacherLock, 1-Lockdown Activator, 1-Universal Strike Block (may be used on in-swing and out-swing doors), 2-#10 Self drilling screws for universal strike block, 2-3-inch wood screws for universal strike block on wood door frames, 1-Outside Door Plate, 3-Architectural Sex Bolts for mounting to door, 2-screws for outside door plate, 1-Mounting Template and Instructions, 1-Insert Nut and Fillister Head Screw for Blocking Outside Door Keyhole

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Weight 60 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 5 in