It is the policy of Glen Ellyn School District 41 to provide for the safety and security of all members of its community during normal operational hours and after hour activities. The District believes that pursuit of academic excellence can only flourish in a safe environment where everyone on site is treated with respect and courtesy.

To this end, the district is committed to maintaining a safe learning environment free from disruptive behavior or dangerous conditions. This is where the School Safety Solution, LLC  hide away helpers have come into play. These safety shades have been a very integral part of the district’s safety lock-down protocols. There are hide away helper shades in each and every classroom in five schools throughout our district.

They are easy to install, and save precious time during a lock-down, and are affordable. All the teacher has to do is lock the door, pull the strap on the shade, and the window is instantly covered affording the teacher precious time to get the students out of sight. The district has many odd size door windows, and side lights in our facilities. Hide away shades can be customized for any length, and width we have inquired about. They are durable, and easy to clean. The installations is effortless, and the adhesive used to affix the Velcro backing to the doors have held up well. We have had the shades in place for over three years now without incident. I am a firm supporter in the hide away helpers and highly recommend them to be added to your facilities.

Dave Scarmardo
Director of Buildings & Grounds
Glen Ellyn School District 41

I could not be happier with the service and products provided by School Safety Solution. We had an immediate need for window coverings across grades 6-12 and the shades provided by School Safety are absolutely perfect! They fit as advertised and my teachers are very appreciative of this added layer of safety. Thank you!

Peter Coombe, EdD
Campus Principal/CEO
Calhoun Middle/High School

School Safety Solution is so great to work with. They are very thorough and make sure that you have everything you need. During the order/delivery process they kept me updated on when the product would arrive and what I should expect. They were very informative and most helpful. We had the blinds installed in the kids classrooms at church. Recently we had a small scare (it ended up being nothing) during one of the days of our summer camp and we went into a soft lock-down mode, just to be on the safe side and the blinds worked wonderfully. So easy to just pull the tab and the blinds are covering the window. I am glad it ended up that we didn’t really need them, but am thankful to know if we ever do it is a quick and easy process to help keep our kids safe!

Yvonne Bailey

Children’s Pastor
Christ Community Church

Our staff absolutely loves the ability to quickly pull down a privacy screen during their staff meetings, then quickly put it up again when school begins. Office staff appreciates quick coverage of our glass doors during emergency drills. You have created a sturdy, easy to install product.

Sue Madura
Office Manager
San Miguel Elementary School

School Safety Solution provides professionalism, attention to details, and assistance from start to finish! In working with them to fulfill our order for shades, our SSS representative was cooperative and assisting to ensure that our order was complete. The quality of the product is exceptional and clearly provides the solution we were looking for. Thank you!

Jeannette Bruno
Assistant Principal
Marlboro High School
New Jersey