At School Safety Solution, we are proud to partner with other companies and organizations 

who are just as dedicated to school safety and protecting our future as we are.

Who Is DisruptED TV?

Built on the foundation of “Sparking the Conversation” in education, DisruptEd TV is
a company dedicated to bringing forth innovative solutions in all areas of
education, including school safety and security.

On the show, DisruptEd TV School Safety and Security: Hope is Not a Tactic, many school safety topics are discussed ranging from basic classroom security to survival tactics. 




Who Is True Security Design?

By combining the law enforcement experience and expertise with technology, True Security Design assesses the physical security health of an organization, thus empowering it to make informed decisions regarding its
security protocol.

Leading the way for True Security Design is Lt. Joseph Pangaro, a retired 27-year veteran police officer who is passionate about keeping children teachers, adults, and officers safe. Click here to contact True Security Design. 


Who Is Shield Our Schools?

The Shield Our Schools Initiative was started to bring people and companies together who want to do something to protect children from dangerous situations. “We are aimed at finding and promoting simple and effective solutions as well as working to cut the red tape that stands in the way of this common-sense approach.” says Matt Behrens, one of the co-founders.

The initiative has been gaining support from a growing list of partners and are proud to add School Safety Solution to our family. “The Hideaway Helper Lockdown Shade can help put our children out of sight and out of mind of a violent attacker, and that can make a huge difference.” 

To learn more about the Shield Our Schools cause, click here.