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Safety Products For All Situations

School Safety Solution provides lockdown shades, classroom door locks and other safety products for schools and other organizations to utilize during emergency situations. The Hideaway Helper Lockdown Shade and TeacherLock Classroom Door Lock were both developed by educators looking for high quality solutions for properly securing a classroom. We are proud to be a company that was built on the foundations of providing maximum protection during lockdowns. Our ultimate goal is to save lives.


More than 400,000 Hideaway Helper lockdown shades installed since 2013

In over 6000 schools and organizations across the USA and Canada

Protect your classroom

Lockdown Shades

Simple / Fast / Effective is our motto for a reason.

The Hideaway Helper classroom door window shade is an essential solution to school safety needs. In an emergency, simply pull on the Velcro tab to release the door window shade. It takes only a second for the safety shade to drop into place to completely cover the window.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

Providing safety solutions for all public and private schools, ranging from childcare centers to universities

Non-Profit Organizations

Providing safety solutions for all places of worship and other non-profit facilities

Office and Government Buildings

Providing safety solutions for office buildings and all government entities such as courthouses, city and park district buildings

Medical Facilities

Providing safety solutions for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, and other medical facilities

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