School Safety Solution, LLC was established to save lives. We are proud to be a part of securing our nation’s classrooms and provide safety for students, teachers, and parents. Our solution is currently being used across the United States in schools, universities, churches, government and office buildings.

Our product, the Hideaway Helper, is a high quality, fire retardant window covering that is easy to install, simple to use, and completely obstructs the view into a classroom in a matter of seconds. Using a patented design and high-quality material, the Hideaway Helper conforms to safety and fire codes on both a state and county level. We are proud that our product is made in the USA and can be customized to fit any size window. As a company, we strive to keep our costs low to make our product affordable while providing the highest quality product available.  We are simply the best solution on the market.



Melissa and Jon Hardecopf


We are the proud owners of School Safety Solution, LLC. As former educators and parents of three young boys, we are passionate about keeping our schools safe. We see the need for an effective solution for lockdown emergencies in schools, universities, churches, and office buildings and are excited that the Hideaway Helper plays such an important role in saving lives across the country and world.  Our team is excited to partner with you to protect your students and staff!

Melissa Hardecopf

Email: mhardecopf@schoolsafetysolution.com

Jon Hardecopf

Email: jhardecopf@schoolsafetysolution.com

Phone: 1-888-733-0406