School Safety Solution was established to save lives by providing safety products for schools, universities, and other organizations. Our team, comprised of former educators, knows the importance of being prepared in the event of a lockdown situation. We are proud to provide simple, yet essential school safety products that provide maximum security and empower those who are protecting our future from unthinkable harm.

School Safety Solution offers high-quality school safety products such as our fire-retardant blackout lockdown window blind, the Hideaway Helper, along with a classroom door lock that is the ONLY bully-proof classroom door barricade on the market that complies with all building and fire codes along with the regulations of the American with Disabilities Act*. School Safety Solution also features a variety of bleed control (tourniquet), medical, and emergency kits that are vital in the event of an injury needing immediate medical assistance or a prolonged lockdown emergency. All these safety resources are essential for maximum emergency preparedness. *Interpretation of building and fire code varies widely and is subject to the Authority Having Jurisdiction.



We are the proud owners of School Safety Solution, LLC. As former educators and parents of three young boys, we are passionate about keeping our schools and other organizations safe.

We see the need for effective solutions for lockdown emergencies in schools, universities, churches, and office buildings and are excited that our lockdown shades, classroom door locks, and other emergency kits play such an important role in saving lives. Our executive team is excited to partner with you to help protect our future!


I am a proud member of the School Safety Solution team. After eighteen years of professional experience in the healthcare field, I am thrilled to be able to continue to focus on my passion, keeping people well and safe. As a licensed educator, the wife of an educator, and the mother of two school-aged daughters, I have a vested interest in keeping our schools as safe as possible.