4 Classroom Safety Essentials

4 Classroom Safety Essentials

In today’s world, school emergencies and lockdown situations can arise in the blink of an eye. Thankfully, new and improved solutions for classroom safety are being developed every day to keep students and teachers safe. Do you know if your classroom it up-to-date with the latest safety solutions? If you’re not sure, we’ve compiled this helpful list of four classroom safety essentials to consider. 

Classroom Safety Essential #1: Door Window Shade

One quick and effective solution for increasing classroom safety is to install window covers. Many classrooms have windows that run on or alongside the classroom door, and unfortunately, these windows have proven to be a weak point during lockdowns because they expose the classroom occupants to intruders. By equipping these windows with blackout shades, teachers will be able to quickly protect their classrooms by hiding their students from sight. The most effective door window shades are quickly deployable, easy to operate, and made with high-quality blackout fabric. 

Classroom Safety Essential #2: Lockdown Kit

Natural disasters, dangerous intruders, or other critical emergency can lead to a school lockdown that lasts for an unforeseeable amount of time. When considering how to best prepare for an extended lockdown, it’s important to take into account what supplies your classroom may need. Some lockdowns can leave classrooms cut off from access to restrooms, first aid, food and water, and even communication to the outside for an extended period of time. Classroom lockdown kits are designed with these needs in mind, allowing teachers to be prepared for a prolonged lockdown at a moment’s notice.

Classroom Safety Essential #3: First Aid Kit

When a classroom is faced with a frightening accident, natural disaster, or emergency lockdown, medical crises can arise in an instant and demand immediate care. This may require teachers or other school personnel to treat minor injuries until first responders arrive.

In order to prevent infection and protect against more serious health threats, having access to a proper first aid kit is crucial. Classrooms should be equipped with first aid essentials including bandages, gauze, tape, trauma pads, various ointments, gloves, scissors, and any other items needed to apply treatment until emergency responders arrive.

Classroom Safety Essential #4: Bleed Control Kit

In addition to other basic first aid supplies, schools should also be equipped with bleed control kits in high-traffic areas of the building such as offices, hallways, cafeterias, gymnasiums, and classrooms. Each classroom should have access to a personal bleed control kit that includes a tourniquet and other helpful supplies. 

Tourniquets can be tremendously helpful in limiting the amount of blood lost from a traumatic arm or leg injury that occurs in the classroom. If a serious injury resulting in dangerous blood loss occurs, there may be no time to lose waiting for emergency responders to arrive and stop the bleed. It is vital for school staff to have easy access to life-saving bleed control supplies in the event of an emergency.

School Safety Solution: Equipping Your Classroom

At School Safety Solution, our mission is to save lives. That’s why we offer classroom window shades, lockdown kits, first aid supplies, and more for schools to utilize during an emergency. Many of these products were designed by educators for educators, so you can trust that your school’s safety is the top priority. If you are ready to take the next steps to equip your classroom with these safety essentials, shop on our products page or request a quote for more information. 

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