Stop The Bleed Training in Schools - State Guide

Stop The Bleed Training in Schools - State Guide

The factors that lead to violent disasters are complex. While we cannot put an end to school shootings overnight, administrators, teachers, and community groups can empower themselves by implementing thoughtful and controlled response measures proactively.

According to the U.S. Army, “after a traumatic injury, bleeding is responsible for more than 35 percent of pre-hospital deaths and over 40 percent of deaths within the first 24 hours.” School Safety Solution’s STAT bleed control kits are designed to address this public health problem. Our kits include intelligently designed tourniquets that can help stop mass blood loss and save lives at schools and beyond.

Did you know that many states either already require or are in various stages of passing legislation to require bleeding control kits? Read on to learn more about your state’s requirements and how you can implement trauma response training at your institution.

What is Stop The Bleed Training?

Stop the bleed training

Students, teachers, administrators, and the larger community are all able to receive Stop the Bleed training to prepare their schools and other public or private buildings for efficient and medically effective trauma response. Stop the Bleed Training is a preparedness course wherein learners will be instructed in life-saving techniques for quickly stopping bleeding before mass quantities of blood are lost.

Instruction is typically delivered on packing wounds to control heavy bleeding, correctly using a tourniquet, and how to react calmly in a medical disaster. Generally, the four steps taught in Stop the Bleed Training are as follows:

Step 1: Call 911

Step 2: Apply pressure with your hands

Step 3: Pack the wound and press

Step 4: Apply a tourniquet

After completion of Stop The Bleed Training, you can purchase bleeding and trauma response kits for your school. At School Safety Solution, our Stop The Bleed kit is unique: it includes the only tourniquet on the market that can be used effectively on the small limbs of children. Our tourniquet is also the only available of its kind with an automatic counting timer that does not require batteries.

School Safety Solution’s STAT Bleeding Control Kit includes the following critical trauma response tools:

  • 2 STAT tourniquets that can be easily utilized in bleed control emergencies. Our tourniquets feature precision tightening, a releasable lever, an automatic self-locking mechanism, and a safety feature for the release lever so the tourniquet doesn’t release during transport
  • User-friendly guide for individuals that have limited or no experience with medical emergencies
  • Compressed gauze
  • Compression bandages
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Medical Shears
  • Emergency blanket
  • Molle nylon bag

Because large institutions such as schools require multiple Stop The Bleeding kits throughout their building, School Safety Solutions offers custom pricing for large quantities of kits.

Which States Mandate Stop The Bleed Training?

As of 2022, California is the most recent state to instill legislation that mandated Stop the Bleed requirements in all private and public buildings. The “Emergency Response: Trauma Kits” bill (Assembly Bill 2260) was championed by a grassroots initiative for over two years before being passed during California’s 2022 state legislative session. It found supporters in many, including Dr. Amy Liepert, MD, FACS, an experienced trauma surgeon.

California’s AB 2260 Emergency Response bill requires all new construction buildings in the state of California (both public and private) to install trauma bleeding control kits. This is the first statewide law to be passed in the nation that requires the ready availability of trauma bleeding response kits to the public to this extent.

A host of other states have passed Stop the Bleeding bills or have introduced bills that are in various stages of the legislative process—meaning that schools within these states should be prepared to comply. These states include:

  • Texas (legislation passed and effective in 2020)
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Missouri
  • North Carolina
  • New York
  • Tennessee
  • Massachusetts
  • and Arkansas

Where Should Your School Keep Bleeding Control Kits?

Deciding where to store your school’s bleeding control kits isn’t just a decision based on convenience, it’s a strategic decision wherein schools must anticipate medical needs proactively. The larger the school, the more bleeding control kits will be necessary to have the most effective trauma response plan in place.

Stop The Bleed Training

Having multiple kits throughout the school is essential, and particularly important in locations where groups of students, staff, and administrators are frequently gathered. As you’re creating your trauma response plan, keep in mind that having enough bleeding control kits on hand to respond quickly and efficiently to an event will be a crucial component of your strategy. Important locations for kits to be available include:

  • In each classroom
  • Near each first aid kit
  • In hallways
  • Each school bus and all other school vehicles
  • Gyms, locker rooms, and weight rooms (multiple)
  • Cafeterias (multiple)
  • Principal’s office and other administrative office clusters
  • Library (multiples)
  • Common spaces
  • Teacher workrooms
  • Auditoriums (multiple)
  • Athletic areas, including outdoor fields and concession stands

Bleeding control kits should be located in easy-to-find places and should be clearly marked. While conducting your Stop the Bleed training, you will need to ensure that administrators and staff are familiar with the locations of each bleeding control kit. For this reason, it’s a good starting point to consider keeping your response kits next to other similar gear, such as defibrillators, first aid kits, or fire extinguishers.

How Can We Prevent School Shootings?

While we never know what could happen, or when the worst disasters will occur, we can prepare our schools and other public spaces proactively in order to minimize impact. In our efforts to be as prepared as possible, implementing effective training and physical safety measures can be the best place to start.

At School Safety Solution, our priority is helping school campuses (and other institutions) across the country to be prepared for anything. Our solutions keep children and educators safe by providing reliable, high-quality, and life-saving equipment that protects children, teachers, and staff.

If you would like to review your school’s safety and security equipment, the tools available to your school’s staff, or any other security considerations, we would love to assist you. You can call our team of safety experts any time at 888.733.0406 or send us an email at for more information.