7 Reasons Why TeacherLock Classroom Door Lock is THE Best Option

7 Reasons Why TeacherLock Classroom Door Lock is THE Best Option

All Classrooms Need TeacherLock Classroom Door Lock

Classroom doors need to be locked securely in the event of an active shooter emergency. No excuses. TeacherLock classroom door lock is hands down the BEST option for this necessity. Here are the 7 reasons why:

Life Saving Features

TeacherLock Classroom Door Locks

Other Classroom Door Locks


This classroom door lock deploys in an average of 3.4 seconds. Ever second matters in the event of an active shooter. (Averages of multiple tests with and without stress) Click here to check out how quickly a teacher can lock the door using TeacherLock classroom door lock. All other classroom door barricades take longer to deploy, some take almost 16 seconds! Click here to see how TeacherLock door locks compare to the competition.


TeacherLock classroom door locks comply with International Fire Safety Code, International Building Code, the National Fire Protection Association 101 provisions on safety, and American with Disabilities Act regulations. No other classroom door locks comply with ALL codes and regulations.


This classroom door lock puts control in the hands of teachers or other responsible personnel. The specially designed activator is worn on a lanyard. The TeacherLock deadbolt mechanism is installed directly on the classroom door so it can never be stolen or misplaced. In addition, it proves to be tamper-resistant. No other classroom door barricade can claim to be bullyproof.   Some devices are accessible by anyone or can be stolen, misplaced, or altered.


Emergency personnel can still access a room locked by this classroom barricade using a specialized key that fits into a standard Knox-Box. Alternative classroom door locks are inaccessible from the outside or their proprietary device fails to fit into a standard Knox-Box.


TeacherLock classroom door barricades deploy with the use of a naturally orientated, intuitive activator that is worn by the teacher. The user of this classroom door lock is able to deploy the bolting mechanism without bending over. In addition, a simple push egress allows a person to unlock the classroom door barricade from the inside without using special skills.   Some classroom door locks require multiple steps that oftentimes involve bending over.   The same complicated motion is reversed when releasing or removing the classroom door barricade.


TeacherLock classroom door locks can be installed on ANY classroom door: wood or metal, inward or outward, right- or left-hand opening doors. It can even be used on double doors if a door jam is present. Many other classroom door barricades have limitations and may not be compatible with all classroom doors.


This classroom door lock cannot be seen from the non-occupancy side which gives no indication of occupants in a room. Numerous other classroom door barricades can be seen from the outside and gives notice of occupants in a room.

A Life-Saving Combination

When paired together, TeacherLock classroom door locks and Hideaway Helper lockdown shades offer additional security and protection when the unthinkable happens. Click here to see why Hideaway Helper lockdown shades are the best option in window coverings.