What is in a Classroom Lockdown Kit?

What is in a Classroom Lockdown Kit?

School safety protocol requires thoughtful planning for any emergency, including the possibility of an extended lockdown situation. In the event of a prolonged school lockdown, it is crucial for classrooms to be equipped with proper lockdown kits that meet a variety of needs that may be faced. When searching for the best classroom lockdown kits for your school, there are five important features to look for: personal hygiene, food and water, light and communication, first aid, and stress relief.

Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene Lockdown Needs

If a school lockdown lasts more than a few hours, it is expected that restroom needs will become a pressing concern. A proper classroom lockdown kit should have items that allow for both privacy and sanitation. It will be essential to create a place to take care of business with as much privacy as possible. Typical supplies include a tarpaulin and duct tape to construct a private area and a 5-gallon bucket with lid to be used as a toilet. In addition, you will need sanitation supplies such as toilet bags with chemicals, toilet paper, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer. Access to an air freshener is an additional bonus to cover unpleasant smells in a small classroom area.

Food and Water

Inevitably, students and teachers will need nourishment during an extended lockdown. A classroom lockdown kit should provide nutrition and hydration until help arrives. High calorie food bars with a long shelf life, generally 5 years, are a necessity for any school emergency kit. Hydration is also a critical consideration during a school lockdown. Classroom lockdown kits should include water pouches, as well as hydration bags with water purification tablets in case the water supply has been contaminated during the emergency.

Light and Communication

You will want to make sure that classrooms have means for communication during a lockdown. Lockdown kits should contain an emergency bright stick that not only allows for a light during a power outage but will also communicate your whereabouts to emergency responders. Survival whistles are also a crucial item for many school lockdown kits . Most importantly, an emergency radio flashlight will provide classrooms with vital access to light and communication without the need for batteries.

First Aid

Every classroom emergency kit must include first aid items to treat minor injuries. It is crucial for teachers to have the proper supplies to bandage injuries and protect against more serious health threats until emergency responders arrive. Classroom first aid supplies should include various sized bandages, gauze, medical tape, trauma pads, compresses, cotton-tip applicators, antiseptic and antibiotic ointments or wipes, and burn cream. First aid kits must also include gloves, scissors, tweezers, and other items that allow teachers to apply treatment. Most classroom emergency kits come in a variety of sizes, so make sure you choose a kit that has the appropriate amount of first aid materials for the size of your classroom.

Stress Relief

Small games and activities can help take the students’ mind off the situation and provide temporary stress relief. Playing cards are a common item for many classroom lockdown kits. Make sure that your classroom is equipped with a stress relief item or activity that will help calm students during a classroom lockdown.

Prepare Your Classroom

Now that you are familiar with what goes in a lockdown kit, it is important to make sure your classrooms are properly equipped for a lockdown situation. At School Safety Solution, we offer a variety of classroom emergency supplies to meet the needs of any classroom size. We encourage you to visit our pricing page to browse our selection of classroom emergency and first aid kits.

For additional information, please get in touch with us. We look forward to helping you find the best lockdown kit for your classrooms!