All Classroom Door Windows Need Hideaway Helper Lock Down Shades

Classroom door windows need to be blocked immediately in the event of an active shooter emergency. No excuses. Hideaway Helper Lock Down Shades are at the top of the campus security industry and THE BEST option for ALL buildings that participate in lock down drills. Here are the 7 reasons why…



Other Window Treatments


Hideaway Helper lock down shades are made with a high-quality, 100% polyester blackout fabric.

Some window treatment options are made from lower quality, flimsy fabric that may not meet blackout standards. Others are made from materials that are more rigid, bulky and difficult to work with.


Hideaway Helper lock down shades require only seconds of reaction time and fall into place within a few moments of being released. This allows more time to get to a safe area, away from any danger. Click here to see how quickly a Hideaway Helper lock down shade falls into place. Other window treatment options require more time to deploy (i.e. pulling down completely to cover a window). While some require multiple steps (i.e. securing the shade at the bottom of the window after it has been released). In an emergency, there’s only time to react and move to safety. These extra seconds add up and people become more vulnerable to the dangerous situation.


Hideaway Helper lock down shades are fire retardant. Alternative window treatment options may not comply with fire retardant standards.


Not only are Hideaway Helper lock down shades available in 11 standard sizes, they can also be CUSTOMIZED to fit any window. Other window treatments may not have the option to be customized.


Hideaway Helper lock down shades can be utilized on all windows. This includes windows on interior and exterior doors and walls. In addition, Hideaway Helper lock down shades can be designed to cover interior and exterior “side light” windows. These windows oftentimes stretch the entire length of a door. Alternative window treatments may be an option for only certain windows in a building, forcing organizations to seek multiple sources.


Hideaway Helper lock down shades secure to surfaces using industrial strength Velcro adhesive and require no additional hardware or drilling. Click here to see how easy it is to install a Hideaway Helper lock down shade. Other window treatments require a more extensive installation process that may involve additional hardware or drilling.


Hideaway Helper lock down shades have been on the market since 2013 and a patented design since 2015. As the old saying goes, “imitation is the best form of flattery”. Be on the lookout for companies that make slight tweaks in design, such as lock down shades that secure at the bottom. These companies are attempting to to bypass the Hideaway Helper lock down shade’s patented design.

A Life-Saving Combination

Being prepared with Hideaway Helper lockdown shades and TeacherLock classroom door locks is essential in the event of a lockdown emergencies. Click here to see why TeacherLock is the best option for classroom door locks.