Hideaway Helper


Patented Lockdown Shade

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Features of the Hideaway Helper

  • High Quality, Blackout Fabric
  • Quick Deployment
  • Fire Retardant
  • Customizable
  • Easy Installation
    • No Hardware
    • No Drilling
  • Made in the USA

Hideaway Helper in rolled up position

Hideaway Helper unrolled

How To Install the Hideaway Helper



The Hideaway Helper is a simple solution to school safety needs. Installation is incredibly easy with no hardware or drilling required. Simply apply the safety shade to the classroom door using the attached industrial strength adhesive Velcro. Once in place, the Hideaway Helper is ready for use.


How To Use the Hideway Helper



In an emergency, pull on the Velcro tab to release the Hideaway Helper. It takes only seconds for the safety shade to drop into place to completely cover the window. To return the Hideaway Helper to its original position, simply roll it back up and secure it in place with the Velcro tab. The Hideaway Helper is now ready to be used again.

The Hideaway Helper is Fire Retardent



All Hideaway Helper shades are 100% polyester and flame-coated to meet FR requirements.


Hideaway Helper Extension Strap

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The Hideaway Helper Extension Strap is the perfect accessory for safety shades that cover windows located in high, hard to reach places. This extension strap allows you to release the Hideaway Helper into place while standing at floor level. In addition, if you ever need to roll the shade up completely, the Hideaway Helper Extension Strap can be easily removed and used again when needed.

Hideaway Helper with Extension Strap

How to Use the Hideaway Helper Extension Strap