STAT Tourniquet Trainer - Blue

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S.T.A.T. is the only tourniquet on the market that has an automatic counting timer that requires no batteries and can be applied in 5 seconds by a person with no experience in Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI).


  • Timer - Timestrip timer starts counting once activated ( No Batteries required).
  • Precision Tightening - Tighten in 2 millimeters increments.
  • Visible Instructions - Familiar intuitive design that anyone can apply without prior training.
  • Releasable Lever - Highly visible release lever used to remove tourniquet once victim arrives for surgery.
  • Locking mechanism - Automatic self-locking mechanism.
  • Bullet Resistant - Proprietary bullet resistant material, tourniquet re-seals itself after being shot with a Bullet.
  • Safety Release Cover - Safety for release lever so tourniquet doesn't release during transport.
  • Finger Loop