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When a traumatic event occurs, seconds matter.  The SOF® Tourniquet Gen 4 is a tourniquet that is both rugged and durable.  Plus, when seconds matter most, this tourniquet is the easiest to operate under stressful conditions.  The SOF Tourniquet Gen 4 is proudly approved by the Department of Defense and recommended by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and the American Red Cross has named it the tourniquet of choice.

Made in the USA.
Latex Free

Available in Rescue Orange, Black, Red and Tan



The tourniquet is comprised of high-strength, lightweight alloy components

Application Strap

The SOF® Tourniquet Gen 4 boasts a 1.5″ tourniquet strap, which provides a wider arterial compression area.


There are 2 UV-resistant black rubber bands that will be included with each tourniquet. These bands allow the tourniquet to be mounted to your equipment.

Retention Clip

This tourniquet has a retention clip that locks the windlass in place after the tourniquet has been applied to the victim.  This feature is extremely useful in one-handed applications and allows for faster application times.

5.5″ Windlass
The increase in length eases the process of securing the windlass into the clip and tri-ring, increasing the effectiveness of the dual retention system. It still maintains its distinct conical ends while being machined from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum bar stock and anodized to minimize the product’s signature in a tactical environment.

Quick-Compression Buckle
This feature is also extremely useful in one-handed applications and allows for faster application times.  The buckle allows for easier use of the tourniquet.