Bleed Control Kits

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Utilized in classroom trauma kits, S.T.A.T.® Tourniquet is a unique, highly effective tourniquet that can be easily utilized in bleed control emergencies. Not only is this STAT medical devices tourniquet extremely user friendly for individuals that have limited or no experience with medical emergencies, it is the only tourniquet on the market that can be used effectively on the small limbs of children. In addition, S.T.A.T.® Tourniquet is proud to be the only tourniquet on the market with an automatic counting timer that requires NO batteries.


  • User Friendly
    • Instructions for easy use printed directly on tourniquet
    • No medical training or experience required
  • Fits Pediatric to Adult-Sized Limbs
    • Can be applied to limb sizes as small as 20-millimeters
  • Timestrip® Self-Counting Liquid Timer
    • Starts monitoring time once activated with NO batteries required
  • Quick and Precise Application
    • Applies in 5-seconds
    • Tightens in 2-millimeter increments
  • Automatic Locking Mechanism
  • Releasable Lever
    • Easy to locate release lever allows for quick release by adult only when further medical attention is necessary
  • Durable and Reliable
    • Made from stretchable, latex-free material that can withstand impact from a bullet
    • Reseals after extreme tampering
  • Effective Design
    • Beveled edges to lessen the chance of nerve and tissue damage
    • Finger loop that allows for extra grip while applying and quick storage
S.T.A.T. ® Tourniquet Diagram
About S.T.A.T. ® Tourniquet


Although it is unfortunate that school safety planners even need to think about having access to devices that control bleeding, the new awareness of school safety deems it necessary to have products such as S.T.A.T.® tourniquets readily available in every classroom. It can mean the difference between life and death if the unthinkable happens. This is an essential component of a classroom trauma kit.

The team at School Safety Solution searched for a bleed control product that is specifically effective for use on the small limbs of children and one that is user friendly for individuals who have limited/no medical training or experience with medical emergencies. We found the perfect solution with S.T.A.T.® Tourniquet.

S.T.A.T. ® Tourniquet


S.T.A.T.®  Tourniquet is the only tourniquet that can be used on limb sizes as small as 20mm.


The S.T.A.T.® Tourniquet features a child-proof release lever so only responsible persons can remove the tourniquet when necessary.


Once the S.T.A.T® Tourniquet is applied, a first responder activates the Timestrip® self-counting liquid timer to monitor the amount of time a tourniquet has been put in place. The first responder can then proceed to the next person in need of medical assistance. There is no need (or time) to worry about battery installation during an emergency.