All employees and employers would agree, workplace safety is important. Some business owners may not have the resources or knowledge to upgrade security. Others may neglect it. However, workplace security shouldn’t be ignored. Efficient and cost-effective solutions are readily available, and every company can begin by upgrading their door security. Top-notch door security plays a significant role in employee
protection. In the following content, we explore 4 reasons every workplace should invest in upgraded door security – along with a few first-rate and cost-effective security solutions.

  1. Safe Environments Protect Employees: Most importantly, safe environments save lives. Employees are a company’s most vital asset. Employers, protecting the individuals working for you in your designated space should be a top priority.


  2. Safe Environments Are Attractive: When prospective employees tour a workplace facility, observing upgraded security measures is reassuring and attractive. According to a survey conducted by the American Psychological Organization, nearly 90% of employees are more likely to recommend their workplace as a good environment when employee well-being is addressed.


  3. Safe Environments Are Productive: When employees feel safe and secure in their workplace, all energy can be devoted entirely to efficiently engagement in tasks. One insightful Forbes’ contributor wrote that fully engaged teams are highly profitable. Employees who feel safe while at their jobs dedicate energy to passion and purpose in the workplace.


  4. Safe Environments Retain Employees: A safe, productive environment drastically reduces absenteeism. Secure spaces reduce stress, resulting in productive, positive workspaces that are enjoyable and healthy. Attracting and retaining great employees is crucial for a business’s health both locally and globally. Locally, because retaining employees is dramatically more cost-effective than hiring outside talent; globally, because today’s marketplace is very competitive.

Upgraded Door Security Solutions

School Safety Solution exists to save lives. Built by educators who understand the importance of a safe, secure environment, SSS provides two unique barricade solutions, perfect for workplaces.

The TeacherLock is a cost-effective emergency door lock that meets all life safety and ADA codes. Simple to install and use, a designated individual with an activator can deploy the lock within seconds. Emergency personal can access the door from the outside.

SafeBolt, a barricade lock, was designed with simplicity and effective safety in mind. The heavy stainless-steel locking bolt is securely deployed in under a second with one push of a button. Furthermore, one turn of the door handle immediately retracts the bolt from the inside. Finally, a deployment indicator clear notifies occupants that the door is locked.

Both systems are built to save lives. Both are easy to install, cost-effective, and applicable for any door. Safety is of utmost importance in the workplace and upgrading your door security is the first step. If you want to secure your workplace but are unsure where to begin, contact us today! We look forward to answering your questions!