Find the Right Lockdown Hardware for Your Facility

Find the Right Lockdown Hardware for Your Facility

Violent public shootings catch our attention in the news far too often. Many go unreported by prevalent reporting sources. We may even grow numb to the horrifying reports. However, our desensitization ends the moment tragedy strikes close to home. Saving lives should be a high priority for facilities of any kind. The prevalence of violence alone is ample cause to find the right lockdown hardware. With utmost safety in mind, how can you find the best lockdown hardware for your facility?

Facilities That Require Lockdown Hardware:

No facility should be left without protective security hardware. Schools, universities, and colleges may initially come to mind when lockdown hardware is discussed – and schools are certainly a safety priority – but other buildings also require excellent lockdown solutions. These include:

  • Non-profit organizations, such as places of worship.
  • Office and government buildings, from courthouses to city and park district buildings.
  • Medical facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, etc.

The Best Lockdown Solutions:

1. Classroom Door Lock:

With over eight school shootings this year, protecting classrooms with cutting-edge security hardware is of first importance. TeacherLock, distributed by School Safety Solution, is created for educators, built to combat common inefficiencies found in other classroom door locks.

  • Compliant with International Building Code, ADA, and NFPA Life Safety guidelines, TeacherLock is designed to protect students quickly and efficiently.
  • TeacherLock can only be accessed and deployed by the specific person with a trigger activator, giving the teacher full control over the safety of the classroom.
  • Easy to install on any door, TeacherLock hardware bolts immediately upon activation. When every second counts, this feature is crucial to ensuring maximum security.
  • Emergency personnel can access the TeacherLock from the outside with uniquely designed equipment.

2. SafeBolt Barricade Lock

The Safebolt Barricade Lock is simple, keyless, and easy to deploy. The quick push of a small red button activates the lock, allowing individuals to bolt the door in seconds and focus on evacuating or finding shelter.

  • The Safebolt Barricade Lock is compliant with all life safety and ADA codes.
  • The lock itself is easy to install, mounting directly over existing locksets.
  • First responders, staff, etc. have highly-secured keyed access via a rim cylinder.
  • The 1-inch locking bolt is made of heavy stainless steel.
  • The lock detaches with one turn of the door handle from the inside.
  • The Safebolt Barricade Lock also features a highly visible, dark red deployment indicator that notifies occupants if the door is bolted.

School Safety Solution

At School Safety Solution, we are passionate about secure schools and organizations. We are extremely proud that our effective lockdown emergency solutions play a huge role in saving lives. As a team of former educators, we understand that providing safe spaces is key to saving the future. We look forward to partnering with you to guarantee safe facilities. To begin a conversation about the right safety solution to meet the specific needs of your building, contact us today!