Emergency Door Security: Reasons Your Workplace Should Upgrade Your Door Security

Emergency Door Security: Reasons Your Workplace Should Upgrade Your Door Security

Both employers and employees would all agree that workplace safety is important. Unfortunately, some business owners may not have adequate resources or knowledge to upgrade security. Alternatively, they may neglect it. However, workplace security should not be ignored.

Efficient and cost-effective solutions are readily available, and every company can begin creating a secure workplace environment by upgrading their door security. In the following content, we discuss four reasons every workplace should invest in upgraded door security and explore a few first-rate, cost-effective security solutions.

Reasons Your Workplace Should Upgrade Your Door Security

We spend most of our waking lives at work – what are we doing to make sure we’re safe while we’re there?

School Safety Solution’s original mission has always been to keep children and teachers safe in the classroom. Our products, however, go even further. Office complexes and businesses across the country all benefit from the peace and mind of a reliable door security system. Considering revamping your business’ security features? Read on to learn more about the importance of updating and upgrading your door security at the office.

The Benefits of Safe Work Environments

  1. Safe Environments Protect Employees: Most importantly, safe environments save lives. Employees are a company’s most vital asset. Therefore, protecting the individuals working for you in your designated space should be a top priority for employers.
  2. Safe Environments Are Attractive: When prospective employees tour a workplace facility, observing upgraded security measures is reassuring and attractive. According to a survey conducted by the American Psychological Organization, nearly 90% of employees are more likely to recommend their workplace as a good environment when employee well-being is addressed.
  3. Safe Environments Are Productive: When employees feel safe and secure in their workplace, all energy can be devoted entirely to efficient engagement in tasks. One insightful Forbes’ contributor wrote that fully-engaged teams are highly profitable. Employees who feel safe at their jobs dedicate energy to passion and purpose in the workplace.
  4. Safe Environments Retain Employees: A safe, productive environment drastically reduces absenteeism. Secure spaces reduce stress, resulting in productive, positive workspaces that are enjoyable and healthy. Attracting and retaining great employees is crucial for a business’s health both locally and globally. Locally, because retaining employees is dramatically more cost-effective than hiring outside talent; globally, because today’s marketplace is hyper-competitive.

How Can You Improve Security at Work?

Improving security within your office begins with having a plan in place to respond to unexpected situations and intrusions. Below are some of the best tips for upgrading your safety protocols at the workplace.

  1. Don’t allow access control exceptions. Once workplace security guidelines have been established, do not allow for exceptions. Strictly followed guidelines help comprehensively manage security. If an exception must be made, the circumstance should be traceable, following proper protocol. Additionally, access controls should be reviewed consistently to avoid a workplace security compromise. Especially when employees are hired and fired, proper access to the workplace can be mistakenly left in the wrong hands.
  2. Establish and review safety protocols. Do you have comprehensive safety guidelines in place? What about drills for natural disasters, intruders, or other potential threats? Even if you do have an established set of procedures, don’t fall into the trap of assuming that all employees within your office complex are aware of exactly what steps they should take in the event of an emergency. Regular training should be conducted to ensure that safety knowledge stays top of mind and all employees’ familiarity with safety protocols remains sharp.
  3. Make sure your employees have the tools they need. There are obvious (even legally mandated) things you must do to maintain a safe workspace: you should have emergency exits clearly labeled, fire extinguishers should be accessible, and smoke alarms should function properly. You should also be performing regular audits to ensure these items are up to code. Beyond the basics—do your employees have what they really need in the event of an emergency? Many offices lack any safety materials to protect workers in the event of an intrusion or violent threat. If your building lacks these crucial safety items, School Safety Solution can help make sure your building gets the safety necessities you need.

Benefits of an Updated Emergency Door Security System:

Updating your emergency door security system could save lives in the event of an intrusion or violent threat. Workplace violence seems like a far fetched threat – and hopefully it is – however, it is unfortunately on the rise in recent years. In a 2019 survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, around a quarter of American workers indicated that their “current workplace had been the scene of at least one incident of workplace violence.”

An updated emergency door security system can help. In the event of an intrusion, School Safety Solution’s door security systems are deployed in a matter of seconds, tamper/bully proof and accessible from the outside only by emergency personnel.

Types of Emergency Door Security:

Designed for schools but perfectly applicable in office settings as well, the TeacherLock is a cost-effective emergency door lock that meets all life safety and ADA codes. Simple to install and use, a designated individual with an activator can activate the barricade virtually automatically.

SafeBolt, a barricade lock, was designed with simplicity and effective safety in mind. The heavy stainless-steel locking bolt is securely deployed in under a second with one push of a button. Furthermore, one turn of the door handle immediately retracts the bolt from the inside. Finally, a deployment indicator clearly notifies occupants that the door is locked.

Both systems are built to save lives. Both are easy to install, cost-effective, and applicable for any door. Safety is of utmost importance in the workplace and upgrading your door security is the first step.

Do you know that you need to secure your workplace, but are unsure where to begin? School Safety Solution has years of experience outfitting institutions with the security systems they depend on. Contact us via email at info@schoolsafetysolution.com, by phone at 1-888-733-0406, or use our online form to request a quote for free.