Classroom Door Security Devices for Lockdowns

Classroom Door Security Devices for Lockdowns

Does your school have the equipment, training, and appropriate systems in place to stand strong in the event of an active shooter event or similar emergency? With recent events sending a strong warning to schools and businesses to revamp their security systems and hardware, you may begin assessing the adequacy of the systems and security features you currently have in place.

One of the first things to consider (and the simplest to address) is the equipment you have on hand to secure classroom doors during a lockdown. You don’t have to wait until the beginning of a new school year to upgrade your security features—it’s never too early to compare and contrast the classroom door security devices for lockdowns currently on the market and consider which option may be right for your building.

In this post, we’ll help you get started. Below, we’ll cover the different types of classroom door security devices for lockdowns available today.

How to Ensure Effective Active Shooter Lockdowns:

Active shooter events are almost always unexpected, and often, they come to an end before law enforcement has time to intervene. In 2022, the New York Times reported that “a review of 433 active shooter attacks revealed that most were over before the police arrived.”

According to Hunter Martindale of the ALERRT Center, “Law enforcement could be one minute out, and if that individual is proficient with the weapon system they’re using, they can quickly go through a lot of ammunition. And if they’re proficient in their accuracy, you could have very high victim counts.”

The takeaway from these devastating facts is simple: active shooter event preparedness needs to be taken seriously at every school, office building, place of worship, medical facility, or any place where people gather. Building-wide lockdowns need to happen quickly, and solutions must be able to deploy within seconds—as soon as a threat is perceived. Door locks alone are not enough, and an effective barricade is critical in keeping folks safe.

What To Look for in Active Shooter Door Stops and Other

Barricade Solutions:

Before we dive into the best classroom door security devices for lockdowns, it helps for administrators and building managers to understand what they’re looking for. Door barricade solutions, including door stops, should meet several minimum requirements for effectiveness:

  • They should deploy rapidly in an emergency situation where every second counts.
  • They are discreet enough to prevent a distraction from the environment of the facility, i.e., the learning environment of a school, the peace of a place of worship, the focus of an office setting, etc.
  • They should be designed to prevent forced entry no matter how hard the active shooter pushes on the door.
  • They should meet compliance and regulatory standards in your locality with respect to building safety, fire codes, and more.

5 Types of Classroom Door Security Devices:

1. Door Reinforcement Lock

What it is: A lock installed into the frame of a door; utilizes an arm mechanism that latches a door closed and keeps it from being opened when unlocked

Top pros: Deploys from the inside; easy to use

Top con: Able to be dislodged; drilling into door frame could violate fire codes

2. Door Chain Locks

What it is: Similar to reinforcement locks, a door chain lock is installed on a door frame with a chain that connects to the door itself.

Top pros: Deploys from the inside; easy to use

Top cons: Can be easily cut; drilling into door frame could violate fire codes

3. Floor Barricades

What it is: Floor barricades mount on a door and use pressure against the floor to prevent a door (whether locked or unlocked) from opening

Top pros: Stands up to force applied to the door; simple activation

Top cons: Strength depends on the door and the ground beneath the device; drilling into door frame could violate fire codes

4. Door Jammers

What it is: A security device that is wedged in the space between the door and the floor in order to prevent forced opening.

Top pros: easy to install and remove; quiet.

Top cons: only reinforces the bottom of a door, leaving the middle and upper portions vulnerable to breaking.

5. The TeacherLock

What it is: The TEACHERLOCK™ and TEACHERLOCK II™ are internal locks that allow teachers or other building staff to never face the need to exit their room to lock doors in the event of a security threat. Only individuals who are authorized can lock the door from the inside, and the door can only be unlocked from the outside using a special key. The special key can be supplied to other authorized individuals as well.

The TEACHERLOCK and TEACHERLOOCK II deploy a durable bolting mechanism within seconds in the event of an emergency. While being incredibly effective, they also remain relatively discreet – helping keep the building’s environment a peaceful and happy one.


  • Compliance with International Building Code, ADA, and NFPA Life Safety guidelines
  • Cost-effectiveness, perfect for a range of school budgets
  • Easy installation on any door
  • Bullyproof: only individuals with a small activator can trigger the lock. This activator gives control to a specific individual, the teacher. Some alternative door locks can be accessed by anyone, moving control from the teacher alone to the students.
  • Fast deployment: the lock bolts within seconds, utilizing an activator. Because the teacher does not have to bend over or kneel, deployment is efficient, effective, and ergonomic.
  • Accessible by emergency personnel from the outside

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