Classroom Security Shade Benefits

Classroom Security Shade Benefits

One iconic feature of most classrooms is the glass window pane in the classroom door. These window panes have been a source of debate about whether they should remain covered to reduce hallway distractions or uncovered to ensure accountability.

Regardless of your school’s window policies during regular classroom operations, it is imperative for windows to be covered during a school safety crisis. Here’s why proper classroom security shades are vital for school safety.

Safety Benefits of Security Shades

Careful measures must be taken to protect students and staff during a school emergency. Specifically, during school lockdowns, teachers must be able to secure classrooms from the inside and keep the students safe and out of the line of sight. Classroom doors with exposed windows pose a major threat to school safety since an intruder could have a clear view into the classroom. If an intruder or active shooter can easily see into a classroom, he or she could be encouraged to attack even if the classroom door is locked. While simple coverings can protect in a pinch, it is best to be intentionally prepared for any situation. Security shades can be a useful tool to minimize the danger of door windows during school lockdowns.

Important Features of Security Shades

Not all security and lockdown shades are created equal. When looking for classroom security shades, there are several important aspects to consider. Here are the most crucial features recommended for optimal classroom safety:
  • Quick-release
  • Opaque blackout material
  • Heavy weight fabric
  • Fire resistant
  • Secure installation

When a school emergency arises, teachers only have a matter of seconds to prepare their classrooms for a lockdown. Typical slatted blinds can be difficult to pull down quickly, often getting stuck on the way down. During a school lockdown, it is important to minimize the amount of time it takes for teachers to get their students out of harm’s way. A quick-release shade will properly cover the classroom door window in an instant.

Many teachers have makeshift paper covers for their door windows in case of an emergency; however, these covers are often flimsy and may not be thick enough to block out shadows of movement behind the door. Additionally, there may not be adequate time to tape a cover to the window. The best-case scenario is to have a secure lockdown shade that is simple to release and will completely block the view into the classroom.

Are Your Classrooms Covered?

If your classroom door windows are inadequately covered or fully exposed, now is the time to consider taking extra safety precautions. At School Safety Solution, we can help you choose a security shade that meets your classroom needs. We offer the Hideaway Helper Classroom Lockdown Shade in standard sizes based on the most common dimensions of classroom door windows. Shop now from our standard sizes, or request a quote for more information about custom sizing.

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