What to Include in Your Classroom Emergency Kit

What to Include in Your Classroom Emergency Kit

You don’t want to be caught unprepared in the midst of a school emergency. By having proper supplies available at your building, teachers and staff will be able to competently respond in the event of an emergency. Do you know what should be included in a classroom’s emergency kit? We’ve provided the basics on classroom emergencies and lockdown kits, so you can be better prepared.

What is a School Emergency?

There are numerous scenarios that constitute emergency situations in a school setting. In any situation, it is important to have the proper supplies to get your classrooms through a crisis.

Emergency Situation: Threat of violence or imminent danger
Whether enacted by an out of control student, outside intruder, or active shooter, careful classroom preparation is essential to keep students safe.

Emergency Situation: Natural disaster
Depending on your school’s emergency protocol, a classroom lockdown may be necessary in the event of a natural disaster as well. Examples include hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and extreme storm conditions.

Importance of Lockdown Kits

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An emergency kit will provide classrooms with the essentials for up to 72 hours on lockdown. The most pressing needs for students during a lockdown include personal hygiene, sanitation, food, water, light, communication, and first aid.

Most classrooms do not have personal restrooms, so it is important to have the proper supplies to create a semi-private place to accommodate students’ bathroom needs. Nutrition and hydration are also necessities when there is no way to determine the timeline of a lockdown. These items should have a long shelf life and need to be replaced once expired. In the event of a power outage, light and communication are crucial tools to have at your disposal. Finally, a proper first aid kit will allow minor injuries to be tended to until emergency medical personnel arrive. Having these items on hand will enable classrooms to care for a variety of students needs during unforeseeable emergency situations.

Classroom Emergency Kit Checklist

What should be included in a classroom lockdown kit? We’ve put together a quick list to help you identify crucial emergency response supplies. You should plan to have these basic items stocked and ready to use in a moment’s notice.
Run through this checklist to make sure you have the proper emergency essentials for your classrooms:

Personal Hygiene and Sanitation

  • 5-gallon bucket with toilet seat lid
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Wet wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Toilet bags with chemicals
  • Tarpaulin and duct tape to create privacy

Food and Water

  • Water bottles or pouches
  • Water purification tablets
  • Nutrition bars

Light and Communications

  • Emergency light stick or signal
  • Survival whistle
  • Flashlight equipped with phone charger, siren, and radio

First Aid

  • Bandages of various size/application
  • Medical tape
  • Gauze and trauma pads
  • Instant cold pack
  • Rubbing alcohol or antiseptic wipes
  • Cotton swabs
  • Latex-free gloves

Stress Relief Items

  • One additional item to consider including in a classroom emergency kit is a pack of playing cards. Playing cards or other simple games can provide stress relief to students during a lockdown.

Is Your School Prepared?

Are your classrooms equipped to face a lockdown situation? If not, it’s time to take the necessary steps to become emergency ready. At School Safety Solution, we have emergency kits and first aid supplies to meet a variety of classroom sizes and needs. Please refer to our pricing page for individual kit details, contact us at 888-733-0406, or email us at info@schoolsafetysolution.com to discuss your options today.