What is a Tourniquet and Other Tourniquet Questions Answered

What is a Tourniquet and Other Tourniquet Questions Answered

Answers to Common Questions About Tourniquets

As schools, churches, and businesses are developing and implementing more extensive safety plans that help educate, prepare, and empower teachers and staff, many may wonder, what role do tourniquets play in all this planning? Our team at School Safety Solution would like to provide basic information so everyone can be even more educated, prepared, and empowered in the event of an emergency requiring the use of bleed control medical devices.

WHAT is a tourniquet?

A tourniquet is a piece of medical equipment that, when applied, limits the amount of blood lost by a person who has suffered a traumatic injury to an arm or leg.

WHEN should a one be used?

A tourniquet is used when someone is experiencing life-threatening blood loss from a traumatic arm or leg injury. Life-threatening blood loss is defined as a wound that spurts or pulsates blood that is bright red in color. A wound is potentially life-threatening when the blood is dark red, and the flow is slow and steady. The tourniquets provided by School Safety Solution can stop the bleeding from a severe injury in a matter of seconds which limits the likelihood of a person falling into hypovolemic shock.

WHY should schools have S.T.A.T.® Tourniquets readily available?

It is important for schools to be prepared under any circumstance. Whether it’s an accident, natural disaster, or shooting, severe medical emergencies can happen in an instant, turning anyone within a school into a first responder. Because of this reality, it is vital for schools to house tourniquets along with other basic first aid supplies. As schools develop and implement more extensive safety plans, lives will be saved by having bleed control products readily available. School Safety Solution is proud to provide a tourniquet that has many exclusive features:
  • Extremely User Friendly with Instructions DIRECTLY ON each Tourniquet
  • Pediatric Sizes Available for Small Limbs
  • Self-Counting Liquid Timer Requiring NO Batteries
  • Made from Stretchable (Latex-Free) Material
  • Takes Less Than 5 SECONDS to Apply
  • Locks into place Automatically
  • Tamper-Proof
  • Designed with a Beveled Edge to Lessen the Chance of Nerve or Tissue Damage

To find out more information about the tourniquets offered by School Safety Solution, click here.

WHERE should bleed control kits be housed in a school?

Ideally, a school would supply each room or area with at least one tourniquet. This includes, but is not limited to classrooms, offices, cafeteria, and gym. At School Safety Solution, we offer a variety of trauma kit options to meet all needs. Our selection ranges from a single tourniquet that can be added to a classroom emergency supply kit to a full-fledged bleed control station that is ideal for large areas within a school such as hallways, gymnasiums, cafeterias, libraries, and auditoriums. Click here to learn more about what each bleed control product has to offer.                                 tourniquetTourniquet                        Personal Tourniquet Kit  Personal Kit             Tourniquet StationBleed Control Kit          Bleed Control Kit with Tourniquets Classroom Kit with Station  Tourniquet Classroom Kit         Bleed Control Station

WHO can use a tourniquet?

The tourniquets provided by School Safety Solution are extremely user friendly and can be successfully administered by all responsible individuals, even those who have limited or no medical background. In the event of a bleed control emergency, when every second matters, S.T.A.T.® Tourniquets are especially easy to use because of their effective design and simple instructions printed directly on each tourniquet.

HOW to apply a tourniquet supplied by School Safety Solution?

  • STEP 1: Place the tourniquet over the limb with release tab pointing outward.
  • STEP 2: Secure it 2-3 inches above the wound or in a “high and tight” position.
  • STEP 3: Pull strap upward until bleeding has stopped.
  • STEP 4: Place excess strap into safety position.
  • STEP 5: Activate Timestrip® Self-Counting Liquid Timer by pressing the Start button.

Watch this two-minute video to learn more about S.T.A.T. Tourniquets and see these steps in action.

HOW can my school or district order these life-saving products?

In just a couple clicks, your school can be well-equipped to handle any bleed control emergency. If already you know what you need and are prepared to order now, you can simply click the Shop button. If you would like to find out more information about volume discounts, be sure to click the Request a Quote button, email us at info@schoolsafetysolution.com or call us at 888-733-0406. The crew at School Safety Solution is truly honored and proud to be your partners in school safety!