School Lockdowns: The Ultimate Reason

School Lockdowns: The Ultimate Reason


In an age where our nation oftentimes associates lockdowns with active shooters within a building, we are quickly losing sight of the other important situations in why a building would include lockdown procedures in their safety and security protocol.


Medical Emergencies

There are times when a medical emergency on campus grounds requires all bystanders to be removed from the situation. Responsible persons will call for a lockdown to ensure safety for all, especially the person(s) receiving the medical attention. During my tenure as a first-grade teacher, I remember an incident when our school went into what we called "soft lockdowns" in response to a medical emergency. In this situation, a student was having a seizure in the hallway, so the lockdown was put into place to allow the medical response team to provide care without disruption and ensure the safety of all.

Parental Custody Situations

Unfortunately, many children get caught up in legally binding custody agreements between parents or guardians. To ensure the safety of these children, schools are very diligent in knowing and enforcing all these said contracts. If a situation escalates and begins to endanger lives, a lockdown can be implemented for the disturbance to be resolved without incident.

Disturbances on Campus Grounds or in the Surrounding Community

In the event of a potentially dangerous situation occurring outside of the school or in the surrounding neighborhoods, a lockdown can be implemented to ensure the safety of all. Whether it’s criminal activity unfolding or a dangerous animal spotted in the vicinity, a lockdown can prevent students from being harmed. As an example, our oldest son recently experienced a lockdown during summer camp at our church when an unarmed but mentally unstable person came upon church property. Before the police could arrive, the camp leaders had the sense to secure all the children within the classrooms of the church. It was during this time that camp instructors locked the doors and deployed the Hideaway Helper lockdown shades over the classroom door windows within seconds. The director of the camp later reported, “the blinds worked wonderfully. [It was] so easy to just pull the tab and the blinds are covering the window… it is a quick and easy process to help keep our kids safe!” We are truly blessed that nothing escalated, but it was good to know that a plan was in place to ensure the safety of all those kids.

Internal Threats or Concerns

Besides the instance of an active shooter gaining access to a school, there are other concerning events that happen within a building such as physical altercations, threats of danger, or reports of weapons or harmful substances on the premises. The list could go on and on. Once I received a notice from our local school district regarding a lockdown put into effect at the nearby high school. This event occurred because a bullet casing was discovered in a bathroom. Although no one was in imminent danger or got hurt, it was very concerning and the lockdown allowed emergency personnel to investigate and secure the situation.


In reviewing all these situations, it is clear to see that SAFETY is the ultimate reason for lockdowns. The key is being prepared by having a plan and the right resources in place no matter the circumstances. School Safety Solution, LLC is proud to provide the essentials for lockdowns such as classroom door window coverings and door locks along with bleed control kits and lockdown emergency and first aid kits.