Security Classroom Window Covers: Protect Yourself in an Active Shooter Situation

Security Classroom Window Covers: Protect Yourself in an Active Shooter Situation

Run, hide, fight. You’ve likely heard these three words used to describe the strategy for responding to an active shooter. Applied to a school lockdown situation, however, extra measures must be taken to ensure that students, staff, and faculty alike have the ability to be out of sight. With large sidelight and door windows granting visual access to most classrooms, hiding is not the easiest task. However, classroom window covers provide an excellent solution for keeping classrooms protected in an active shooter situation.

A Simple Solution: Classroom Window Covers

Sidelight and door windows have long been identified as a safety concern for classrooms. While classroom windows promote safety by providing accountability, they have also proven to be a weak point during active shooter situations. Reports indicate that these windows have been used by shooters to look for targets and release fire into classrooms. Even if the classroom door is locked or barricaded, an active shooter may be encouraged to attack if given a clear view into the classrooms.

To account for this potential threat, many classrooms have designated hard corners or safety zones that allow students and teachers to gather without being seen from the outside. However, not every classroom has a secure safety zone, leaving the occupants exposed. Even if a classroom does have a sufficient hard corner to hide within, an extra measure of protection can give the occupants added peace of mind.

Classroom window covers are a simple solution for keeping classrooms protected in an active shooter situation. Teachers only have a matter of seconds to respond when a threat has been identified. Typical slatted blinds may be cumbersome to pull down, wasting precious seconds that the teacher could be using to protect the classroom. Classroom window covers and security shades can be quickly deployed, providing classroom coverage in an instant.

These opaque shades are often fashioned from thick, fire-resistant material, making them more secure than makeshift window covers made from paper. Paper covers can be stylish and fun but are often too flimsy to properly block out any signs of movement. In the midst of a school emergency, style never trumps safety. Proper window covers are the best solution for protecting classrooms from an active shooter. 

Protect Your Classroom with the Hideaway Helper

Knowing the danger that classroom sidelight and door windows can pose, it is important for your classrooms to be properly equipped with window covers. School Safety Solution is proud to offer the Hideaway Helper Lockdown Shade, a durable blackout shade designed to protect classrooms during active shooter situations and other school emergencies. The Hideaway Helper is easy to install and made from heavyweight, fire resistant fabric, making it a secure active shooter protection solution for your classroom windows.

School Safety Solution offers the Hideaway Helper in various standard sizes, but we are also happy to create custom sizes to fit the exact needs of your classrooms. Explore the options available for your classrooms or contact us today for more information. We look forward to partnering with you!