Why is it Important to Use Classroom Door Covers in Your Classroom?

Why is it Important to Use Classroom Door Covers in Your Classroom?

Appropriate safety measures look different for each school in America, but there are important security guidelines that can be adapted for any school situation. One easy to cover, the windows on classroom doors and the sidelight windows located next to classroom doors. Why is it so important to use window covers in a classroom? With the proper solution in place, an attacker can be prevented from harming those on the other side of the classroom door.

Dangers of Exposed Classroom Doors and Sidelight Windows

Much can be learned through the careful examination of previous school tragedies. There are concerning facts about the role of classroom door and sidelight windows during active shooting incidents that have been identified in numerous cases:  

  • Shooters have peered through windows to look for targets.
  • Gunshots have been fired through the glass window of a classroom door.
  • Classroom door windows have not been equipped with deployable window covers

An improperly equipped door can be a major safety concern, and sadly, unprotected doors and windows can make classrooms an easy target. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to combat the safety concerns presented above.

Recommendations for Classroom Safety

There are a few straightforward and simple strategies for improving the safety of classroom windows and doors. Some of these recommendations include:

  • Safety zones: Hard corners or safety zones within the classroom should be identified. Safety zones are areas where students and teachers can gather without being seen from the outside of the classroom. If an intruder is unable to see any occupants in a room, he or she is less likely to attack.
  • Window coverings: Since most classrooms have windows on or that run alongside the doors, these windows must have opaque covers that can be quickly deployed. This is especially the case if a classroom does not have a hard corner or safety zone for occupants to gather. Window covers provide an easy solution for staying out of sight.
  • Ballistic resistant glass: A more extensive recommendation for securing classroom door and sidelight windows is installing ballistic resistant glass. Unfortunately, this solution can require large amounts of funding that many schools do not have readily available. Therefore, the simplest and most effective solution for increasing school safety is to install blackout coverings on the interior windows of a classroom. 

Hideaway Helper Lockdown Shades: A Simple and Effective Solution

Window covers are an immensely valuable solution for schools looking to quickly increase classroom safety. Installing covers for glass windows on and beside classroom doors will provide teachers with an extra measure of safety for their classrooms. Quick-release shades will hide the class from view which greatly lowers the risk of an attacker targeting the room. Equipping interior classroom windows with window covers will have a profound impact on securing a classroom during an emergency.

With the clear benefit of using window covers, it is important to make sure your classroom door windows are properly equipped. At School Safety Solution, we offer various standard sizes of the Hideaway Helper, a durable blackout shade especially made for use during school emergencies. If you are unable to find the exact size for your window in our selection of standard sizes, we are happy to create custom sizes to fit your needs. Be sure to explore your options here or contact us for more information. It is always our pleasure to serve you!