Why Do Schools and Organizations Need Hideaway Helper Safety Shades?

Why Do Schools and Organizations Need Hideaway Helper Safety Shades?


Columbine, Sandy Hook, Parkland. Tragedies like these and countless others continue to plague our generation. But from these senseless events comes our desire to learn best practices of how to protect one another, especially our children, in the face of danger. Hideaway Helper safety shades, provided by School Safety Solution, is a simple, fast, and effective component of being proactive, prepared, and empowered during active shooter emergencies.

When a building is compromised by a fire, lives are spared when they are equipped with smoke detectors, fire alarms, and sprinkler systems. Danger is also averted when occupants have the knowledge of how to efficiently evacuate. In the event of an active shooter in a building, schools and other organizations work diligently to establish effective safety procedures that will ultimately save lives. The Hideaway Helper safety shade is part of this solution, just as smoke detectors and fire alarms help in the event of a fire emergency.


A building lock down is one component of a school or organization’s safety protocol during an active shooter emergency. When a lock down is issued, certain actions need to be completed to protect innocent lives. First, people move into rooms away from imminent danger. Once in place, doors are locked and secured with barricades or door knobs are tied into place to prevent the intruder from entering. After securing the door, participants block any view into the room and move away from doors and windows. It is during this step of the process that the Hideaway Helper safety shade is a vital component to any lock down plan.

Emergencies happen in an instant. Having Hideaway Helper safety shades mounted above exterior or interior door windows and side light windows allows for any view into the room to be blocked in a matter of seconds. No more racing to tape up construction paper or twisting blinds closed. With a quick pull of the Velcro tab, the shade releases and quickly falls into place. Simply put, all schools and other organizations that participate in lock down drills must have Hideaway Helper shades in place, ready to go on a moment’s notice.

School Safety Solution can provide a cost effective solution to your need for window coverings in your buildings. We want your organization to be proactive, be prepared, and be empowered.