Door Security Devices in the Classroom: What Are Your Options?

Door Security Devices in the Classroom: What Are Your Options?

Safety in the classroom is imperative. Being prepared in the midst of an emergency can prevent injury, save lives, and dissuade intruders. Perhaps less obvious, taking steps to increase safety amid normal daily functioning is also important! Teachers should feel empowered to lead their classes with confidence every day, and schools should understand their lockdown options.

With the goal to protect students one door at a time, School Safety Solution is proud to provide two classroom door lockdown devices for educators: TeacherLock and Safebolt.


The TeacherLock classroom door lock is one of the quickest door barricades on the market. Below, we explore what teachers need to know about this option. Is this lockdown solution best for your school? Should you choose this device?

TeacherLock Features:

  • Compliant with International Building Code, ADA, and NFPA Life Safety guidelines
  • Cost-effective, perfect for a range of school budgets
  • Easy to install on any door
  • Bullyproof: only individuals with a small activator can trigger the lock. This activator gives control to a specific individual, the teacher. Some alternative door locks can be accessed by anyone, moving control from the teacher alone to the students.
  • Fast deployment: the lock bolts within seconds, utilizing an activator. Because the teacher does not have to bend over or kneel, deployment is efficient, effective, and ergonomic.
  • Accessible by emergency personnel from the outside


Simplicity, efficiency, and classroom safety are the driving forces behind Safebolt’s design. Safebolt activates with the push of a red button. In moments, teachers are assured that their door is properly barricaded and can move on to sheltering or evacuating the student body. How does the Safebolt differ from our TeacherLock? Which is best for your situation? Below, we explore Safebolt, allowing you to make the best decision.

Safebolt Features:

  • Compliant with all life safety and ADA codes
  • Easy deployment: no lock or activator required; pressing the red button deploys the bolt in under one second
  • Easy to install. The Safebolt lock mounts directly over existing locksets for accurate installation.
  • Staff and first responders have keyed access from the outside via standard or high security rim cylinder, depending on preference. Inside the classroom, one simple turn of the door handles retracts the bolt and latch.
  • Features a 1-inch locking bolt, made of heavy stainless-steel
  • Once the bolt is activated, a high visibility deployment indicator ensures that occupants know the door is bolted

School Safety Solution

At School Safety Solution, we are dedicated to empowering school staff. Teachers and students should feel safe in an emergency – and during the day-to-day routine. This is what drives us. We offer our classroom door security devices along with our Hideaway Helper lockdown shades, bleed control kits, and classroom emergency supplies with this goal in mind.

If you are interested in pursuing our classroom lockdown devices, request a quote or get in touch today at (888) 733-0406. We look forward to walking beside your school in safety.