2 Effective Ways to Stop Your Door from Being Kicked In

2 Effective Ways to Stop Your Door from Being Kicked In

Teachers have the power to leave a lasting impact, unlike any other. Teachers believe in and inspire their students. As Sidney Hook put it, “Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of the educational system.” Every teacher is in the unique position to empower. In order to love, believe in, inspire, and empower their students, teachers should feel empowered themselves.

Empowerment begins with safety. When a teacher feels safe in her classroom, she feels free to pour into her students. In the content below, we explore two effective ways to promote safety in the classroom – to stop the classroom door from being kicked in.

Block Intruder View

If an intruder has no view of the classroom, he will be dissuaded from breaking down the door. Effectively blocking intruder view begins and ends with choosing the ideal lockdown shades for your situation.

Blackout blinds with high-quality fabric provide complete visual coverage, staying in place once employed, and remaining sturdy over time. Easy installation and ease-of-use are important for quick deployment. At times, schools look for affordable shades; while these can be adequate, take note of overall quality. Ultimately, be sure shades chosen are opaque, have a thick Velcro strip along the top for optimal security, and cover the entire window instantly upon implementation.

The Hideaway Helper Lockdown Shades meet and exceed these standards, providing high-quality, fire retardant coverage – with easy installation and quick deployment.

Barricade/Lock the Door

Perhaps the more obvious way to prevent a door from being kicked in is installing a barricade or lock. Emergency locks provide a quick yet powerful tool to safeguard the classroom. At School Safety Solution, we recommend two distinct yet equally formidable barricades – each with differing strengths.

The TeacherLock is a school safety product designed for speed and strength. Compliant with International Building Code, ADA, and NFPA Life Safety Guidelines, the TeacherLock is bullyproof. What do we mean by this? Only individuals with an activator can trigger the lock, placing control in the hands of the designated teacher. Easy-to-install, cost-effective, and reliable, the TeacherLock is a good example of a barricade designed to prevent intruders from entering.

The Safebolt Barricade Lock activates with the press of a button, designed for simplicity, speed, and effective safety. With such a simple activation method, teachers can deploy the lock instantaneously, then focus on sheltering or evacuating students. Like the TeacherLock, Safebolt is code compliant, east-to-install, and reliable.

School Safety Solution

At School Safety Solution, our mission is to empower teachers, students, and schools. We provide lockdown shades, classroom door locks, and other safety products for schools, non-profit organizations, office buildings, and medical facilities.

Since 2013, over 120,000 Hideaway Helper Lockdown Shades have been installed in over 2,500 schools and organizations across the USA and Canada. Our products are designed by teachers for teachers – ultimately school safety is our priority. To inquire about our products, contact us at today (888) 733-0406!