How Do Lockdown Shades Protect Students?

How Do Lockdown Shades Protect Students?

Unfortunately, lockdowns regularly occur on schools and campuses across the country. During an emergency, no students are allowed to enter or exit. Activities are halted, and the immediate safety of every student is of utmost importance.

Schools and campuses must take proactive steps to be empowered and prepared for otherwise unpredictable situations. What steps can schools and campuses take to promote the safety of students? Installing lockdown shades is an extremely important first step. Lockdown shades promote the safety of students secured inside a classroom before and during an emergency.

However, teachers, parents, school administrators, and even students may wonder: how exactly do lockdown shades provide protection? In the following content, we seek to answer this question, exploring how lockdown shades protect students before and during an emergency.

Lockdown Shades Disrupt Visibility During a Lockdown

When deployed, high-quality lockdown shades completely block outside view. A lack of visibility dissuades intruders. Without a window into the classroom, occupancy is entirely unknown. A potential kidnapper or thief is oblivious to classroom size or equipment utilized. Ultimately, the unknown mitigates intruders without the capability to assess potential targets.

Lockdown Shades Deter Premeditated Violence

As mentioned, lockdown shades entirely eliminate the ability of a potential intruder to see inside the classroom. Sadly, a great deal of modern violence is premeditated. Lockdown shades address this issue. When deployed, the shades prevent potential intruders from scoping the layout of the building, understanding the rotation of students in specific classrooms, and other potentially dangerous information.

Lockdown Shades Provide Immediate Security

Lockdown shades are designed for quick deployment. When news of a threat reaches the classroom, time is critical. Great lockdown shades can be deployed by pulling a small Velcro strap. A weight along the bottom of the shade keeps it still, accurately blocking intruder view. After the threat has passed, shades can often be rolled up quickly and secured in place with Velcro.

Lockdown Shades Are Fire Retardant

Fire retardant shades are a necessity, as protection should never be compromised by additional hazards.

Hideaway Helper Lockdown Shades

Hideaway Helper Lockdown Shades are designed to be a refuge – protecting students and empowering teachers. Lockdown shades, such as Hideaway Helper, are fashioned from high-quality blackout fabric to completely disrupt intruder visibility. A weighted hem-bar pulls the deployed shade to the bottom of the window in seconds, keeping it in place for the entire required time. Hideaway Helper shades are seamlessly installed and quickly deployed, without having to think twice. Hideaway Lockdown Shades also are flame-coated to meet NFPA 701 FR requirements within the fabric, meaning the flame-resistant material will never evaporate.

School Safety Solution

School Safety Solution has helped over 2,500 schools and organizations execute effective lockdown protocols for over 6 years – with over 120,000 Hideaway Helper lockdown shades. Made by teachers for teachers, our mission is to empower the classroom. Our vision is to protect students, one classroom at a time.

Our passion extends beyond the classroom – we serve non-profit organizations, office and government buildings, and medical facilities as well. If you are interested in learning more about our safety-first mentality, contact us today at (888) 733-0406! We look forward to beginning a conversation.