How Can I Get School Safety Products into My Child's School?

How Can I Get School Safety Products into My Child's School?

No one wishes to initiate a lockdown and signal teachers to protect their students. Lives are at stake until the threat is removed. Over the recent decade, schools have started to use the immediate need to increase student and faculty safety. With the influx of safety preparedness classes and lockdown drills, schools are already improving their security protocols. We discuss how you, as a parent, can contribute in ensuring that effective school safety products are in your child’s school.

Plan of Action: Define What Your Child’s School Will Receive

Various school safety products are either in development or already on the market. Therefore, simply stating your desire for increased or upgraded safety equipment doesn’t solve the issue. To turn your ideas into a cohesive plan of action, you need to simplify your case. What is one element about the school’s current safety procedure you want changed? Perhaps you noticed one of the following issues:

  • All classroom doors have windows that could allow an intruder to peer through
  • The locks on classroom doors are old and in need of improved and secure hardware
  • Classrooms are not equipped with trauma kits

By narrowing your case to one tangible element, building a short list of equipment specifically addressing the problem can navigate your plan of action.

Lockdown Shades

For a simple, quick, and effective school safety product, a lockdown shade is suitable for classroom doors with a window. At affordable pricing, this product can better accommodate tight school board budgets or small fundraising returns. During a lockdown, the teacher simply pulls on the Velcro tab to release the rolled-up window shade and, in seconds, the shade drops into place. With the lockdown shade completely covering the window, intruders lose the advantage of peering into classrooms.

TeacherLock, SafeBolt Locks, and Barricades

Enhanced locks and barricades serve to exponentially increase the level of security in classrooms. Lockdown shades benefit a classroom by preventing adversaries from seeing who is inside. Additionally, TeacherLock and SafeBolt barricades prevent adversaries from entering the classroom, whether they can see inside the classroom or not. With patented features that prevent extreme force from opening the classroom door, you can rest assured that your child is safe.

Mode of Action: Promote, Petition, and Fundraise

Spread the Knowledge

Perhaps your child’s school is not yet aware of the tangible school safety products on the market. They may already have inciteful training for teachers in place and run a quarterly lockdown drill with the students. However, without school safety products, their training can only be responsive instead of proactive.

Make an Appeal with the District School Board

Requesting additional school safety solutions at the next school board meeting may lead to a recasting of the district’s budget that includes safety products. Though the school district’s intent is to approve fitted, safety and educational requests, sometimes the budget doesn’t agree. In the event the school is unable to afford the equipment now, you can still creatively find alternative ways to provide the necessary funding.

Organize A Fundraiser

Whether you plan a silent auction or gala dinner for the school district, creating awareness with other parents and students may help get the financial and moral support you need. If your child’s classroom wants to participate in fundraising, let them help by creating posters, making videos about why they want to be in a safer classroom, and offering their own creative solutions.

School Safety Solutions: Securing Equipment for Your Child’s School

At School Safety Solutions, our mission is to empower school staff by providing the most effective and secure safety products for your child’s school. If you are interested in pursuing our classroom lockdown devices, request a quote or get in touch today at (888) 733-0406. We look forward to walking beside your school in safety.