Emergency Kit for Schools: What are They?

Emergency Kit for Schools: What are They?

There is nothing more important than the safety of our children. Many parents, however, are unfamiliar with the safety and security standards at their child schools – let alone, what sort of tools are available on campus to protect students in the event of an emergency.

A great place to start in taking proactive control of student safety on campus is with an emergency preparedness kit built for a school’s needs. Are you interested in procuring, supplementing, or enhancing the tools your children’s schools have on hand for unexpected situations? If so, read on to learn more about this topic, including information about which items should absolutely be included in a school emergency kit and how comprehensive emergency kits work to help mitigate problems at school.

What is an Emergency Kit for School?

There are all sorts of emergencies that can arise on a school campus – whether it’s a natural disaster, medical emergency, a lockdown, or an intruder situation. For this reason, your school should maintain tools to assist teachers and administrators in their preparedness for any of these situations. A school emergency kit should provide all items necessary to keep students safe inside their classrooms during a lockdown. A medical emergency kit should include a wide range of products designed to respond to pain, broken limbs, and bleeding, among other sudden health issues.

What is Included in an Emergency Kit for School?

Lockdown Kits:

A deluxe lockdown kit provides everything a school needs in the event of prolonged stays in the classroom due to an unforeseen circumstance. This includes:

  • An emergency toilet set up, comprised of a five gallon bucket with a toilet seat lid; toilet paper; individually wrapped wet wipes; hand sanitizer; toilet bags with necessary chemicals included; and air freshener;
  • A large tarp
  • Emergency nutrition items, including water purification tablets; water pouches; hydration bags; and high calorie food bars;
  • Various other tools, including emergency lighting that doesn’t require batteries; bandages; a whistle; and latex-free gloves.

Emergency Medical Kits:

A great emergency medical kit can mean the difference between a minor injury and an injury that becomes serious. To be prepared for anything, your school should have a comprehensive medical kit on site. At School Safety Solution, one of our most complete emergency medical kits includes:

  • Bandages, gauze, and adhesive tape;
  • EMT scissors;
  • A cervical collar;
  • Emergency blankets;
  • Antiseptic cleaning supplies;
  • Eye pads;
  • Nitrile gloves;
  • Emergency lighting;
  • Saline solution;
  • And triage tags.

We also carry lightweight Bleed Control Kits and CPR barriers, which make an excellent addition to a first aid kit.

Intruder Mitigation Tools:

School Safety Solution is proud to carry a wide range of innovative tools to help schools manage intruder situations safety. Our most critical offerings include the following:

Lockdown Shades:

Known as the “Hideaway Helper,” our anti-intruder lockdown shade is crafted from high-quality blackout fabric with a weighted hem bar. It’s also fire retardant (NFPA 701 compliant) The best thing about the Hideaway Helper is that it can be customized to fit your schools’ needs, and easy to use and simple to install. It also can be rolled up and kept secured with Velcro when not in use. In the event of an emergency, it rolls down with a quick release of the Velcro tab. Our popular Hideaway Helper has been installed in over 2,500 schools and organizations globally.

Door Barricades and Locks:

Our TeacherLock™ and TeacherLock™ II classroom door locks are incredibly quick ways to activate a bolting mechanism within seconds of an emergency. These barricade locks are

compliant with International Building Code, ADA, and NFPA Life Safety guidelines. With TeacherLock and TeacherLock II, only the individual with access to the activator (the teacher) can deploy the locking mechanism. The TeacherLock™ II is specifically designed for use in states that require a single operation to unlock and open the door in a fire emergency.

The Safebolt™ barricade lock from School Safety Solution is also useful in the event of the necessity for a quick and keyless lockdown. Teachers just press a red button to activate a barricade lock, or first responders and staff outside the classroom can activate the barricade remotely via a key entry.

Why are Emergency Kits for School so Important?

Whether caused by natural forces or outside threats, schools are vulnerable in the face of an emergency. Parents and administrative staff should proactively take every route available to protect students before disasters occur.

How Emergency Kits Help Mitigate Problems at School:

School Safety Solution emergency kits are designed to help mitigate the consequences of unexpected events at schools. Did you know that our emergency kits can provide a school classroom with essentials for up to 72 hours (3 days) during a lockdown?

During a lockdown (especially a lengthy one) hygiene, nutrition, and safety are top of mind. A proactive and thorough plan for accomplishing these goals makes sure that your classroom has what it needs to get through the lockdown safely. Being prepared for a loss of power, an extended stay in the classroom, a medical emergency, and even an unwelcome visitor could mean saved lives and a reduction in the severity of any injury that may occur.

Be Sure of Your Classroom’s Safety and Security with School Safety Solution

At School Safety Solution, we value the safety and security of your children’s school campus above everything else. The purpose behind the founding of School Safety Solution was and always has been to keep children safe in life’s unexpected situations and to prevent disasters from occurring or escalating. We believe a proactive approach to school safety is one of the best measures parents and school administrative faculty can take to protect children on campus.

If you are interested in introducing or enhancing school safety and security equipment on your child’s campus, we would love to assist you. You can access our team of safety experts at any time by calling 888.733.0406 or sending us an email at info@schoolsafetysolution.com. You can also request a free quote or free sample of our Hideaway Helper lockdown shade via our online forms.