How To Protect Yourself From Active Shooter

How To Protect Yourself From Active Shooter

In 2012, the City of Houston and the Department of Homeland Security teamed up to create an informational video about surviving an active shooter event. Since its release, the video has been viewed nearly eight million times on YouTube. You’ve likely heard of it before: RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. But if you are ever faced with a workplace shooter, what exactly do those three words entail? How will they keep you protected? Let’s break down these three steps, so you can better protect yourself in the event of a workplace shooter.


This first option is the preferred course of action. This step is all about getting away from the shooter as quickly and as safely as possible while still remaining aware of the surroundings.  Seek the nearest exit, and if a particular exit is backed up, have an alternative in mind. Before deciding to flee, however, consider whether you could potentially be seen by the shooter and whether you could be directly in the line of fire. If you are not able to safely relocate, then the next best option is to hide.


When it is not possible to safely evacuate, hiding is the next necessary course of action. The best-case scenario is to hide behind something that could stop a bullet. Hiding also includes turning off lights, silencing cell phones, covering windows, and locking or barricading doors. If hiding is the chosen course of action, make sure to have a backup plan in place so that you will be prepared if your location is compromised.


This final option should only be chosen if the shooter is too close in proximity and there is nowhere to safely run or hide. Law enforcement authorities advise that in this dire situation, you should be prepared to take defensive measures and fight. In this situation, it is important to be extremely aggressive, use any object within reach to fight off the shooter, and aim for weaker points like the throat, eyes, or groin.

Keep in mind that this option is clearly very dangerous and should only ever be used as a last resort. Without being armed or equipped with special training to fight, this option can be very threating. However, when all other options have been exhausted, choosing to fight can potentially minimize casualties and bring the situation to an end sooner.

Protection Against Workplace Shooters

Though there has been some debate over these strategies, it is clear that in order to promote safety, workplaces must have an emergency plan in place to protect against an active shooter.  At School Safety Solution, we specialize in safety solutions for schools, non-profit organizations, office buildings, government buildings, medical facilities, and more. Our ultimate goal is to save lives, and we are proud to offer products that provide maximum protection during emergency situations. From lockdown window shades to door locks and barricades, we can help keep your workplace safe from potential threats. To learn more about the products we offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!