How Can Window Lockdown Solutions Be Integrated into Your Classroom?

How Can Window Lockdown Solutions Be Integrated into Your Classroom?

In schools across the United States, there is a weak spot in classrooms. If left unprotected, the safety of the classroom can be threatened. This weak spot, of course, is classroom door windows.

According to the Federal Commission on School Safety, many classroom doors have windows that allow potential intruders to peer into the classroom from the hall, and these windows need to be properly protected in the event of a school emergency. Thankfully, there are simple, yet innovative lockdown solutions that can be integrated for classroom windows.

Integrating Lockdown Solutions for Classroom Windows

During a lockdown emergency, it is important to get classroom occupants out of sight as quickly as possible. However, unequipped or poorly equipped classroom door windows and sidelight windows can give intruders a clear view into the classroom, putting students and teachers in harm’s way. Reports from previous school shooting incidents reveal that active shooters may be encouraged to attack when given a clear view into occupied classrooms. By equipping classrooms with proper lockdown solutions, both for door windows and for sidelight windows, classrooms will have an extra level of protection that can save lives.

Choosing the Best Window Lockdown Solutions

There are many window coverings on the market for school classrooms. These options include security blinds and roller shades, metal window coverings, paper shades, and lockdown shades. However, these lockdown solutions are not equally effective for school emergencies.

  • Security Blinds and Roller Shades: These window coverings are more time consuming to close during a school lockdown, wasting precious seconds before the classroom is hidden from view. Often times, these blinds and shade do not meet the standards of local fire codes, making them a potential fire hazard.
  • Metal Window Coverings: Metal window shades tend to be the most expensive safety solution for schools. These metal coverings can be bulky and require extra time and attention from the teacher to deploy properly.
  • Paper Shades: Compared to any other solution, paper shades are by far the least expensive choice. However, they are also the least effective. Because of the thin and flimsy nature of paper, these shades do not guarantee a total blackout and may allow an intruder to see movement in the classroom behind the paper shade. Paper shades also clearly pose a fire hazard.
  • Lockdown Shades: The best lockdown shades are made of high-quality, fire-retardant, blackout material. Using a quick-release Velcro tab, these shades can be deployed in an instant, without much thought. Lockdown shades are easy to install and are customizable for any door or window size. When not in use, these shades remain in a rolled position, allowing for a proper view into the classroom.

Hideaway Helper: Your Classroom Window Solution

School Safety Solution is proud to offer the Hideaway Helper, the original lockdown shade for schools. The Hideaway Helper lockdown shade has played a critical role in school safety since 2013. Designed by educators who have experienced lockdown drills and emergencies firsthand, the Hideaway Helper is continually tested and improved, making it the most effective window covering on the market. If you would like to implement the Hideaway Helper as your classroom window solution, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!