Emergency Equipment for Office & Workplace Safety

Emergency Equipment for Office & Workplace Safety

Safe environments in corporate and retail industries are more important now than ever before. By enhancing the security of your workplace, your safe environments protect employees, are efficient in security and operations, and help retain dedicated staff.

Are you curious as to what security solutions are best for your workplace? In the content below, we explore the best workplace and office security systems and safety equipment for any business, whether it is your retail store, gym, restaurant, or corporate office.

The Importance of Workplace and Office Security

When you create an environment focused on patron safety, you decrease the risk of incurred injuries and other dangerous scenarios. By implementing proper security measures throughout your workplace, you can keep the priority of protecting your employees.

According to the American Psychological Organization, nearly 90% of employees are more likely to recommend their workplace as a good environment when employee well-being is addressed. Whether your employees dedicated their career at your business for ten years, or you offer a tour of the facilities to prospective employees, it is reassuring to them when they observe upgraded security solutions operating effectively. 

Secure spaces reduce stress, resulting in productive, positive workspaces. One insightful Forbes’ contributor noted that fully engaged teams are highly profitable. Employees who feel safe while at their jobs dedicate energy to passion and purpose in the workplace.

Office Security Systems and Solutions: Our Top 3 Picks

Businesses sell products ranging from coffee mugs to the newest smartphone and tablet models available. Therefore, it is imperative to plan your office security solutions according to your business needs.

In the retail industry, the future of retail security offers promising equipment with innovative capabilities while maintaining a sleek and user-friendly design. From shelves that automatically detect when products are removed to security cameras that capture multiple angles, you can find countless security systems and solutions.

Although inventory offers high value to businessowners, the value of the lives of your employees and customers is immeasurable. Below, we explore three of the best workplace security solutions that help protect the lives of your employees, clients, and any other patrons who enter your building.

#1. Lockdown Hardware

A great way to help prevent security breaches in your office building or business storefront is to start with your doors. By implementing lockdown hardware that stops intruders from venturing further into your building, you can effectively reduce the risk of injuries and other traumatic scenarios.

TeacherLock, distributed by School Safety Solution, is built to combat common inefficiencies found in other commonplace door locks.

  • Compliant with International Building Code, ADA, and NFPA Life Safety guidelines, TeacherLock is designed to protect employees, clients, and students quickly and efficiently.
  • TeacherLock can only be accessed and deployed by the specific person with a trigger activator, giving the owner, manager, or trusted employee full control.
  • Easy to install on any door, TeacherLock hardware bolts immediately upon activation. When every second counts, this feature is crucial to ensuring maximum security.
  • Emergency personnel can access the TeacherLock from the outside with uniquely designed equipment.

#2. Barricade Locks

With school and workplace shootings on the rise, protecting people with cutting-edge security hardware is of first importance. Like the TeacherLock, the Safebolt Barricade Lock is simple, keyless, and easy to deploy.

The quick push of a small red button activates the lock, allowing individuals to bolt the door in seconds and focus on evacuating or finding shelter.

  • The Safebolt Barricade Lock is compliant with all life safety and ADA codes.
  • The lock itself is easy to install, mounting directly over existing locksets.
  • First responders, staff, etc. have highly-secured keyed access via a rim cylinder.
  • The 1-inch locking bolt is made of heavy stainless steel.
  • The lock detaches with one turn of the door handle from the inside.
  • The Safebolt Barricade Lock also features a highly visible, dark red deployment indicator that notifies occupants if the door is bolted.

#3. Lockdown Shades

Do your offices or boardrooms have multiple windows that would make it easy for an intruder to locate employees or other patrons? If so, Hideaway Helper Lockdown Shades are designed to be a refuge from unwanted intruders – protecting employees and clients while empowering workplace leaders.

Lockdown shades, such as Hideaway Helper, are fashioned from high-quality blackout fabric to completely disrupt intruder visibility. A weighted hem-bar pulls the deployed shade to the bottom of the window in seconds, keeping it in place for the entire required time.

Hideaway Helper shades are seamlessly installed and quickly deployed, without having to think twice. Hideaway Lockdown Shades also are flame-coated to meet NFPA 701 FR requirements within the fabric, meaning the flame-resistant material will never evaporate.

The 3 Best Workplace Safety Equipment Options

Additionally, it is crucial that while you prepare for a crisis or security breach with software and equipment, you must also prepare for treating any individuals affected by crisis or injury. Below are a three of the most reliable office safety system solutions fit for any business.

#1. SOF® Tourniquet

Whether an employee has a bad fall, or you need to help a customer after a severe injury, it is imperative that you have the resources to help as much as is safe while waiting for the paramedics to arrive. Having a tourniquet in place can save lives by preventing excessive bleeding.

Comprised of high-strength, lightweight alloy components, the SOF® Tourniquet is proudly approved by the Department of Defense and recommended by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and the American Red Cross has named it the tourniquet of choice.

#2. Bleed Control Kits

While tourniquets work well in high risk situations and excessive bleeding scenarios, they should work as an extension to your bleed control kits, not as a replacement. Bleed control kits offer additional supplies that tend to both moderate and severe injuries such as compressed gauze, trauma sheers, and nitrile gloves.

#3. Crisis Response Kits

Although no one ever wants to plan for times of crisis and intrusion, it is best to prepare for all crisis scenarios to take place in your business. As a result, you will know how to best react in times that require quick thinking.

Therefore, we recommend having one or several crisis response kits easily accessible in your building for unexpected times of distress. For best practices, hold scheduled employee safety trainings so that in the event you are absent during a time of crisis, several other employees know how to save a life by using the crisis response kit.

Office Security Systems: Finding the Best with School Safety Solutions

We want to promote the safest environment possible for your employees and patrons. As a result, the mission of School Safety Solutions is to empower you and your staff by providing the most effective and secure safety products for your business.

If you are interested in pursuing our classroom lockdown devices, request a quote or get in touch today at (888) 733-0406. We look forward to walking beside your school in safety.