Top 6 Benefits of Bleed Control Training

Top 6 Benefits of Bleed Control Training

Among many other things, promoting safety in the classroom is imperative for a teacher to create a thriving and secure learning environment. Implementing safety strategies in a school classroom, no matter the grade or students’ age, helps neutralize an often chaotic and urgent situation. Bleed control training is an excellent safety solution for remaining prepared in the case of an emergency in the classroom or around the school. Discover the benefits of bleed control training below and how the training, along with the necessary supplies, can ultimately create a secure environment for all.

6 Benefits of Bleed Control Training

Protecting children is no small feat, although promoting safety in classrooms for small children, such as toddlers, is made that much easier with the proper safety protocols and procedures. School environments and classrooms are not immune to outside dangers and accidents, so equipping yourself with reliable knowledge and training helps keep emergencies under control should they occur.

Bleed control training is a great place to start. Let’s explore the top six benefits of acquiring the proper training and classroom emergency supplies to keep bleeding under control.

#1. Stop the Bleed

First and foremost, stopping the bleeding is one of the most significant benefits of bleed control training. According to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, a person can die from blood loss within only five minutes.

Knowing what steps to take and when to take them will save lives in instances of school shootings, sports-related accidents, vehicle collisions, and other emergency or accident scenarios in and around the school. Adequate training gives you the ability to act quickly and calmly to stop the bleeding with tourniquets, gauzes, bandages, and gloves, to name a few.

#2. Proper Training Results in Having the Proper Supplies

Gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of equipping your classroom with the necessary supplies to handle any urgent and dangerous situation is another great benefit of acquiring training. With adequate training and knowledge, you’ll recognize how medical and emergency kits are vital in the event of an injury needing immediate medical assistance or a prolonged lockdown emergency.

Bleed control kits are no different. In the midst of traumatic events, every second matters, so having rugged and durable products to aid in your bleed control training makes all the difference. From the SOF Tourniquet Gen 4 to the Combat Application Tourniquet, you can quickly and successfully control life-threatening extremity bleeding until you’re able to receive medical assistance.

#3. Adequate Care Before Emergency Responders Arrive

In the case of emergencies and trauma, alert 911 as soon as you can. However, being prepared with bleed control training, bleed control kits, and emergency supplies mitigates some of the chaos and danger before emergency medical responders can respond to the scene. Caring for uncontrolled bleeding in the meantime gives students and staff a greater chance of surviving an injury.

#4. Ability to Confidently Identify & Act

You’ll benefit from bleed control training by identifying the source of bleeding in a confident, informed manner. With the right training, you’ll know to remove clothes to see injuries that may have been hidden or covered, and you’ll be able to identify life-threatening bleeding and wounds and act accordingly. This knowledge results in life-saving action.

#5. Your Own Safety is Prioritized

Having the knowledge, training, and experience in knowing what to do in scenarios of trauma or bleeding creates an added level of confidence in your safety procedures and processes when at school— a quality that not only benefits you but the entire faculty and student body.

The more well-informed you are with bleed control training, the more likely you are to remain calm, act rationally, and keep the situation under control while keeping your students and other staff members safe. Not to mention, if you fall victim to trauma, you’ll be ready and able to treat your wounds while waiting for medical professionals to arrive.

#6. Advocate Training for All

Acquiring your own knowledge and training is an amazing benefit itself, however, knowing life-saving techniques could empower you to advocate for bleed control training in all public and private school settings. After receiving bleed control training, you’ll be able to discuss the importance of emergency preparedness with other faculty members of various school districts.

Advocate for informative training, stocking areas with reliable kits and supplies, and learning different packing techniques— the more prepared, trained, and informed, the more lives saved.

Serious injuries are not necessarily only caused by large, traumatic events. Mundane occurrences and accidents are bound to happen in a school setting, whether it involves the children or the staff members.

Vehicle accidents, sports-related injuries, school shootings, lockdowns, and self-inflicted injuries are a few of many scenarios that require adequate bleed control training and adherence to safety protocols. With School Safety Solutions, you’ll always be prepared.

School Safety Solutions: Creating a Secure Environment for Your Students

Promoting safety in your school is one of many ways you can aid in a positive learning environment for all. In addition to bleed control kits and emergency supplies, utilizing lockdown shades and door locks and barricades in your classroom provides extra protection and security in times of urgency.

At School Safety, we prioritize the safety and security of public and private schools, childcare centers, universities, non-profit organizations, medical facilities, and government buildings. Our mission is to provide these places with the necessary safety solutions and supplies to increase security and advocate proper protection protocols.

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