Should We Talk During a Lockdown: Lockdown FAQ

Should We Talk During a Lockdown: Lockdown FAQ

When there is an immediate hazard or threat to the building and its occupants, all students, faculty, and staff take place in a lockdown. This procedure allows occupants to shelter themselves in their rooms and remain there until emergency responders can address the threat. It's an imperative technique that not only limits exposure but prevents access from the outside to keep innocent bystanders safe. As a teacher, student, or parent, you might have a few questions about lockdown protocols as you want to be well prepared for the possible. Below, we answer common lockdown FAQs, beginning with: "Should we talk during a lockdown?"

Lockdown FAQ

It's critical to stay well-prepared and informed of any school safety protocols to navigate a true emergency to the best of everyone's ability. Read on to as we address five lockdown FAQs to reduce risk, ease anxiety, and ultimately allow for proper safety protocols!

Should We Talk During a Lockdown?

It is highly advised not to speak or made any loud noises during a lockdown. However, the only time one should talk during a lockdown is when faculty alerts and interacts with law enforcement and emergency responders to neutralize the threat. Therefore, members of the district or school staff must be mindful to speak calmly, quietly, and only when it is safe to do so.

During a lockdown, cooperation is imperative for the safety of everyone involved. Remaining quiet helps keep yourself undetected from strangers and allows you to follow directions accordingly.

Therefore, practice with your classroom through lockdown drills to make sure they know how to prepare in advance. Especially if your students are much younger, it’s imperative to remind them not to yell or scream and practice remaining quiet.

What Are Some Effective Lockdown Strategies?

During stressful and potentially harmful scenarios, there are standard lockdown procedures every district and school must follow. The goal of building lockdowns is to keep occupants sheltered inside their rooms and preventing any threats from entering the building or individual classrooms. Although thwarting access is crucial, no room within the building is entirely inaccessible.

Knowing some effective lockdown strategies below helps with emergency preparedness and may ease the anxiety of those involved.

  • Lock the door and fortify it with furniture, door locks, or barricades.
  • Turn off room lights.
  • Have all students turn off cell phones entirely (no silencing).
  • Stay out of view from doors and windows.
  • Shelter away from easily penetrable glass windowpanes.
  • Remain low to the ground to stay undetected.

Familiarizing yourself with safe lockdown strategies helps maintain a safe environment and improves the safety and security of others involved. 

When Does a Lockdown End?

A lockdown ends when the administration or persons in charge make a formal announcement. In the meantime, all students and faculty must stay locked down. The act of sheltering may go on for any given duration of time, but it's imperative to remain quiet and calm so you can act accordingly when given evacuation instructions.

What are Some Security Products We Can Implement in the School During the Event of a Lockdown?

Utilizing security products can decrease harm, injury, and fear during dangerous, stressful scenarios. Although following strict lockdown protocols is the first step in securing a school building, optimizing security with reliable products creates an environment that prioritizes the safety of students, faculty, and staff.

Highly effective school safety solutions to implement during the event of a lockdown include:

  • First Aid Kits
  • Tourniquets
  • Window Shades
  • Classroom Door Lock
  • Barricade Locks

What are Barricade Locks and Window Shades? How Do They Help During Lockdowns?

Barricade locks and window shades are a few among many school safety solutions you can implement in the building for emergency preparedness.

Barricade Locks

Barricade locks are excellent for classroom use because of their simple, effective, yet heavy-duty design. They feature a 1-inch heavy stainless-steel locking bolt and can be installed directly over cylindrical lever locksets, most found in school buildings.

The Safebolt Barricade Lock features a red button that students and faculty push to assure their door is adequately secured. With such easy functionality, teachers can then focus on properly sheltering their students. Most notably, the Safebolt Barricade Lock prevents the hazard or danger from entering the classroom.

Window Shades

Using a window shade decreases detection and allows you to shelter appropriately within the room. Window Shades like the Hideaway Helper Classroom Door Window Shade will effectively block an intruder’s view into the classroom.

To do so, the shades are made of a high-quality, blackout fabric to eliminate view from both inside and outside the room. It's an incredibly easy-to-use solution that releases in seconds via Velcro tab.

These supplies are a great starting point to ensure protection of all building occupants. Equipping rooms and offices with standard classroom emergency supplies can also alleviate fear, stress, and minor injuries of extended lockdown situations until medical professionals arrive on the scene.

Be Lockdown Ready with School Safety Solutions

It's important to remember to stay quiet, sheltered, and undetected while waiting for law enforcement and medics to arrive. However, if the unthinkable occurs, preparedness offers a sense of relief and comfort during such chaotic times.

At School Safety Solutions, our mission is to ensure the highest level of safety and security in school buildings and facilities. We can create a safe space for all occupants by carrying the necessary supplies for students, teachers, and administrators to use during emergencies or lockdowns with ease.

Trustworthy products like barricade locks and hideaway window shades supplement lockdown protocols by maximizing security and keeping anxiety and fear at bay. We understand that such dangerous, uncertain times do not discriminate against school settings—therefore, we're here to help provide relief, comfort, and safety! If you are interested in exploring barricade hardware options, classroom emergency supplies, and window shades, our team of safety experts would love to assist you. Contact us at 888.733.0406, send us an email at